Being weak doesn’t mean can’t stand the stronger one

For you who are already used to play Starcraft 2, must be aware of Zerg Rush Strategy. Now for you who haven’t know yet about Zerg Rush Strategy, i will give you a quick guide about it. Here’s the Zerg Rush Strategy.

Zerg Rush Strategy

Zerg Rush Strategy apparently very popular recently on Starcraft 2 games. The zergling is actually very powerful in early games and has a quick hp regeneration, makes it so deadly in the early games when the opponent hasn’t quite ready yet. Now, the most important thing for the user of Zerg Rush Strategy, is speed.

Attacking using Zerg Rush Strategy

In this section i will explain about using the Zerg Rush Strategy. The implementation of Zerg Rush Strategy is so easy and best use if your opponent  playing neither Protoss or Zerg. This is because if your enemy Terran, they can easily wall of their base so your Zerglings cannot enter.

There are a major disadvantage however in using Zerg Rush Strategy, that if you fail or countered, than you’re doomed. Zerg Rush Strategy means attacking with all your Zerglings which are your entire army. When they’re wiped out, you will have nobody defending your base. So to successfully execute Zerg Rush Strategy, you must also eliminate the enemy entire armies, or all their drones for minimum.

Soon after the game started, send your drones to harvest mineral, and send one of them to build a spawning pool after you have 200 minerals in pocket. Actually you can get another 2 drones and one overlord while waiting the pool building to finish. And after the building process finished, quickly have 3 larva ready to make 6 Zerglings with. With 6 zerglings, you can send them to enemy base, and if your enemy isn’t quite ready, you’ll win, and if you fail, there’s big chance you will lose the game. This way is a much of gamble actually, not guarantee a win with 6 Zerglings.

The other way is to wait a little longer, but produce more zerglings for around 8 and also a Queen at your base. The Queen job is to easily produce more Zerglings with its ability to spawn larva. This gives you the chance of combating the enemy with two waves.

The start is almost the same, except that after building the first set of Zerglings, you can continue to let your extractor to harvest some gas. When your first wave is attacking the enemy base, make your Queen produce Zerglings, and also research the speed upgrade for Zerglings. This will make the second wave of yours arrive faster at enemy base before they can recover from your first wave attack.

Diffrent ways if you play 2 vs 2, which is far more effective. The logic is, when you’re teamed with another Zerg user, the Zerg Rush Strategy will get twice more effective with larger number of Zerglings. If each of team produce 6 Zerglings, means that you’ll harassing the enemy with 12 Zerglings, that will surely wiped them out without giving their ally the chance to help.

Once again, this tactic is less effective to Terran, because the can walled of the entrance of their base. So if you’re facing terran, you are needed to be patient and are better to grow up some more before hitting them, because the growth of Terran is not as fast as Zerg.

In the end, executing Zerg Rush Strategy on Starcraft 2 need a lot of practice, because you must act quick because Zerg Rush Strategy means you’re rushing with time.