Play shooting game google style

Some of you will probably notice the Zerg Rush as one of the tactic on Starcraft. And now, Google reinvented the Zerg Rush tactic and as a tribute to starcraft, applied Zerg Rush on the Google search engine! Hell, how is that possible?

Zerg Rush by Google

Zerg Rush is originally one of Starcraft 2 tactic, when a weak player overcome a stronger opponet by outnumbering them. Even the stronger can banish the weaker easily, it still can’t hold up if were attacked in huge number of weak enemy. Somehow, Google appreciate that tactic with a game on the search engine. Type ‘Zerg Rush‘ on the search box, and you’re ready to play.

The gameplay of Zerg Rush is simple, you are supposed to eliminate the letter ‘O’ from google logo (known as “Zerglings”) that keep consumes your search result with your pointer. Suck is, when it keeps coming out from nowhere even after you eliminate all of the ‘Zerg’. Yeah, so far there’re no way to win on Zerg Rush. After eating all of your search result, the ‘Zerg’ will form a word ‘G G’ which means game over, and you can actually submit your Zerg Rush score on Google+.

A lot of people actually dissapointed, coz there’s no way to win Zerg Rush. Actually, the terms of ‘win’ here is to reach the highest score on Google+, means that you’re competing with your friends. Will be some achievement right, if you are the best among your friend in eliminating Zerg? Lol

Despite the simplicity of the game, Zerg Rush has recieve some tremendous popularity over the net.  The simplicity sometimes just give the addiction to player, even just for killing time. Google once again invented a cool thing that makes internet user smile, even only for small thing.

Another Google Easter Egg

Other than Zerg Rush, google is also well known to put a couple of easter eggs on the web. Here are the list of popular easter eggs by google:

The usual tweaking on the company logo from time to time to celebrate holiday or great thinker. This is the easiest easter egg to find because it’s on the main page.
The multiple language google provides also has its easter egg. You may notice some strage name of language, like Elmer Fudd (looney tunes), Pirate, etc.
If you type some calculation to the search engine (ex. five plus one) the result will contain the answer. Also there’s the popular “loneliest number plus number of horns on a unicorn”.
The rolling barrel. Maybe some of you recall Starfox, a legendary game on Nintendo. Google, again, manage to honor the game indirectly, by make an easter egg out of it. On the search box, type “do a barrel roll”, and soon after you press enter, the entire screen will flip upside down and smoothly rolling back into place. This is refers to the Starfox plane which can roll upside down. The easter egg is so popular that it was labelled as “the best four seconds you’ll waste online”
And of course, Zerg Rush as mentioned above