Microsoft is always widely believed to be unveiling their first tablet later, and now comes word that it could be made in the conjunction with the bookseller Barnes & Noble, now with a focus on Xbox Live streaming .

Many sources have told TechCrunch that the microsoft tablet will be announced in conjunction with Barnes & Noble. B&N and Microsoft also announced a “strategic partnership” in April, and that is with the  $300m that Microsoft is investing  into the joint business it dubbed “Newco”.

The tablet might be the result of that joint venture, though realistically two months time isn’t long to make a tablet. And the chances are that Microsoft was working on it for long time before that, and they were  looking for someone to partner with rather than going with it alone.

If Barnes & Noble is on board, expect an emphasis on ebooks. So the Amazon Kindle Fire might have some serious competition.

Xbox Live streaming

And further more in this matter another source says the tablet will be the first to come to be packed with  Xbox Live streaming, so this could be a real media powerhouse. The announcement is due to be made in Los Angeles, so there’s only a few hours to wait to find out for sure.

The tablet is generally expected to run Windows 8, the Microsoft’s operating system that’s is to be launched around October time. The likes of Acer and Asus also announced their own Windows 8 tablets recently, so this is the best time for Microsoft to release its own version out on the market.

Nokia is also due to make an announcement. Initially rumours abounded that the two were related, and Nokia maybe  would be working on Microsoft’s tablet, but it seems it’s just to show US availability for the PureView 808 41-megapixel smartphone.

TechCrunch suggests the new product is an e-reader device – looking as this is for B&N – and it is the main product of the joint venture between them.

The big surprise is the claim “Another source says the tablet may be the first non-Xbox device to gain Xbox Live streaming capabilities, which might explain the location of the event”.

Xbox Live Streaming offers streaming of games? we think it doesn’t seem too likely happening right now – although the technology is exists to do this, as proven by OnLive and Gaikai and also their various SmartTV and Android apps.

Perhaps it is would be more likely that Microsoft has provided learnings – and even access to – the Xbox Live marketplace and its many cool features.

Surely, the Xbox division from Microsoft has its attention on tablets and portable screens – the firm unveiled its SmartGlass application and content concept at E3 2012 earlier in this month.

SmartGlass in principle enables remote access to game content, asynchronous gameplay and the supply of companion content for TV and films, plus Xbox Live streaming of movies from the new Xbox Music marketplace to the Zune Movie Store .

SmartGlass was known to be described as being for all tablet and mobile platforms, with very specific reference to iOS and Android and as well as Windows. So maybe this all certain new tablet might be the first one from such platforms to use Xbox Live Streaming?

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