Microsoft is rumored to release a new version of its popular Xbox 360 console at some point within the next year. Most people would expect the name of the console is Xbox 720. Forget the Durango or Xbox 720  or any of the other names that is rumored to be the next console name, the rumor mill is already given this  Microsoft’s next console a name. Word on the street today is that the next Xbox will be called Xbox 8 or maybe more likely the Xbox Infinity.

A 56-page document from Microsoft was leaked last month. Dating back to mid-2010, what is inside the document is about plans for an “Xbox 720″ that uses the new Xbox SmartGlass system and also new hardware for its Kinect motion-recognition system.

Some people also guess that “Xbox 8” could be software. Windows 8 promises to be a the next microsoft operating system that will marry PCs with tablets and smartphones. It stands to reason that the Xbox will be included and “Xbox 8″ would make sense in this regard.

But Of course, Xbox 8 is creating a  fantasy of a new console and that is more exciting.

“XBox 8? Didn’t know the XBox 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 came out,” one Twitter user wrote.

Alas, says gaming site Joystiq:

“It’s tempting to suspect Microsoft is eyeing ‘Xbox 8′ as the next console name due to the two domains that reference it; however, Microsoft already began integrating Xbox Live, and the ‘Xbox’ name, into all its consumer products, including Windows 8. Also, it would be really weird if a domain squatter guessed the name.”

 Microsoft Secure Domains for Xbox 8

Microsoft seems to be expanding on its acquisition of domain names. This could be  a part of its ongoing marketing strategy. This kind of  purchases are always being the first kick to spark the rumours of a new product in the market and a certain name. But this time it is the procurement of numerous ownerships, and those ownerships include the domain name Xbox 8. noted that Microsoft Corporation won two disputes over a batch of Xbox-related domains owned by a resident of China recently he goes by the name “Cheng Juan”. The domain names include,,,, and interestingly, and

But it is a bit strange, although being the proud owner of both and, Microsoft has yet to obtain

We all know that  the first four domain names are understandable enough. But the real surprise are the last domains the Xbox 8 domains, especially since we knew from the online leaked documents  that Microsoft would release the Xbox 720 instead of Xbox 8, So right now we are eager to find out about where does this new Xbox 8 fit on the puzzle?

 The next Xbox console reported to be six time more powerful than the current Xbox 360, and may support Blu-ray,  native 3D output and true 1080p. The system reported to feature six to eight 2GHz ARM/x86 cores, with two additional ARM/x86 cores that would power the console’s operating system and also three PowerPC cores for backward-compatibility.

So i guess Microsoft does really enjoy this advance publicity, it looks like every card is on their deck, we have to wait for more about the coming of the Xbox 8, but i promise you that it would be sooner than what people might think.