It would be  no surprise if the Xbox 720 – if it is would to be called that – will be launch in time for Christmas 2013. And also with the increasing numbers of new rumours, reports and also leaks, we think an official revelation from Microsoft cannot be that too far away.

So what is exactly that we can expect from the Xbox 720 and  finally when it is revealed by Microsoft, and when will it finally hit the market?

Xbox 720 will pack AMD graphics and CPU?

If the next Xbox is going to be as popular and as last as long as previous version or the Xbox 360 – and hopefully without the  appalling hardware failures which hurt its early days – well it’s surely would need some reliable and powerful components.

The latest rumours suggest that the console will include a revision of AMD’s powered 7000 series graphics, which is based on its Southern Islands tech’s 28nm Graphics Core Next (GCN) .

An anonymous sources are being quoted on VG247 as stating that the graphics setup in the Xbox 720 will be “like two PCs strapped altogether” which sounds like sandwich to us. and what does that even mean?

The same sources say that the two GPUs in the Xbox 720 “aren’t structured as they are in a normal dual PC set-up,” with each chip working separately to draw different items simultaneously.

Maybe it also depends on what the source meant to as different ‘items’. The traditional usage of multi-GPU tech is AFR (Alternate Frame Rendering ) and its where each GPU renders a frame in turn; if the source is stating that this is not what is on Xbox 720 then it surely will be a whole new usage of dual or twin graphics chips.

What will the Xbox 720 actually be called?

Offcourse it is possible and reasonable that Microsoft would call it the Xbox 720, but we think that  it’ll have something a bit more exciting that they have right there.

Microsoft blogger MS Nerd outed the name Xbox Loop, and also claiming that this most waited console will be “far smaller”, cheaper and quite Kinect-focused when it finally be released on our shelves.

And from recent reports  indicate that Microsoft’s internal codename for the new version of Xbox is ‘Durango’. Sean Tracy, a technical designer at Crytek, said on Twitter: “Enjoying the Durango developers summit in London. So far, great swag and interesting talks”. Surely The tweet was very quickly taken out but offcourse the codename was out of the bag by then.

Xbox 720 games are in development

A recent job advert from Peter Molyneux’s Lionhead studio asks for developers with a background in DirectX 11 – and also a platform not currently used by any of the consoles but is rumoured to be used in the AMD-powered Xbox 720. It looks as though games developers are already playing with Xbox 720 hardware

Will Microsoft kill the second-hand games market?

According to the  rumours cicrulating that the new Xbox console will feature a security system aimed at preventing owners playing used games. And as we know that would mean no trading-in of old titles in order to get of new ones – and this is a move that would not be easily accepted by gamers or highstreet store.

And also a horrifying idea that  centre around the concept of the new Xbox 720  demanding an always-online internet connection. That sounds like bad idea for us. Lets just hope for the best.

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