For the Xbox 360 console owners, you of course are familiar with the Xbox 360 Achievements word. Yups the console that made by Microsoft are always included a variety of different Achievements that can be unlocked in any games that are released in the Xbo 360, including in their Arcade games.

Point that we get in these Xbox 360 Achievements called Gamescore, and its different with Microsoft Points. Although the actual point we get from the Achievements which we can not change with the variety of items, but at least the higher our  Xbox 360 Achievements points, the more we can brag out to our friends.  Xbox 360 Achievements are also a bit much to give a challenge and increase replay value of the game itself.

In every game that was released on the Xbox 360, we can obtain Achievements Points by completing a variety of different challange. But do you know that the interesting features is apparently added to the console just before the Xbox 360 was released first? And some time ago, Vince Curley, an Xbox LIVE & Platform Architect of Microsoft revealed on how these achivements features appear in the Xbox 360.

Vince said, that any Developer who will be releasing their games on Xbox 360 should inform them some of the their things to the Xbox System, including the leaderboards, matchmaking and including the Achivements. Since the release of the Xbox 360, each “game information” is defined by using the Game Development Kit (GDK) called “Xbox LIVE Authoring and Submission Tool” or commonly abbreviated as XLAST. This tool will define all the game information in a file called XML File or File XLAST.

XLAST file is then incorporated into other tools that will validate the XML. After that the tools will show some of the details such as how many Achievements types are available, how many points can be obtained as well as a few other things. If all that has been obtained, then the data will be processed again in order to connect with the “binary” game so that the data will be displayed when the game was released.

Microsoft’s own party has made a policy that every game will be released on Xbox 360 in the form of DVD should provide Achievements with a total of 1,000  Gamescore points. Game may provide less than 1,000 Gamescore, but if the Developers want to add later then it should be free. Developer Parties Gamescore can also add as many as 250 points in the form of DLC, up to a total of 1750 Gamescore Points. While the games in Xbox LIVE Arcade should have 200 Gamescore Points by adding 50 points each DLC with a maximum of 250 Points.

For the future, Vince reveals success feature in Xbox 360 Achievements have been made on their part to consider including this feature on the PC Games to the Games For Windows LIVE, and also into the mobile games on Windows Phone 7 which is will be released soon.

Are you already get the Xbox 360 Achievements ? In what games do you get it? Please kindly share your experience guys.

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