X-COM is a legendary name in the world of gaming, which of course led to the growing community of loyal fans and looks like they didnt like the idea of remake version. So it’s no wonder that when 2K Games (and  2K Marin developer) plans to release X-COM in the form of tactical FPS , the reaction from the gaming community is much skewed to the downside. But it turns out, since the year 2008, 2K Games has been holding Firaxis Games (developer of Civilization series) to develop a remake that really fit with the vision of the original X-COM. And in early January, 2K Games officially announced the project X-COM Enemy Unknown.

In X-COM Enemy Unknown, gamers will (once again) to act as commander of the elite and scientific research organizations (which of course called X-COM) with the mission to faced alien attack that not only win by number, aliens also have the technologies that are far more advanced. Gamers will coordinate the construction of the headquarters, detect, and if possible to intercept UFO approaching to the earth, invading aliens who landed on earth, doing research to develop new technologies or reveal the workings of a recovered alien technology, to manage the flow of production of new weaponry and combat vehicles .

Just like in the  first game of X-COM, this X-COM Enemy Unknown, gamers will control the game from multiple perspectives. Through Geoscape, players can monitor the global situation, determine the location of the establishment of the new headquarters, set up relationships with state sponsors X-COM, managing research and manufacturing, as well as view the location and movement of UFOs were detected. While for the latter, there are significant changes: Players now have to actively seek the enemy rather than waiting for reports from the field. From Geoscape gamers can also send and control the fleet to intercept the UFO, and then sending troops to confront alien tactical successful forced landing or that it has landed. But it is different from its predecessors, in Enemy Unknown gamer can only have one headquarters. If the first election headquarters location is based on considerations which areas should be protected, now each region will be associated with a specific bonus, so the players still have to carefully choose. But although there can be only one X-COM headquarters in the X-COM Enemy Unknown, at least the entire contents can still be customized at will, and the whole structure of the headquarters will be displayed in a new perspective called ‘ant farm’, where we can see the details of each room, choose customization for each section headquarters, and look at our personnel moving around.

Of course, the main dish themed game X-COM Enemy Unknown is any portion of its tactical combat. In a move that is surprising, 2K Games and Firaxis chose to use turn-based combat system. But it appears that this system will differ significantly from the original game. For example, the number of troops that we can carry, which is now limited to only 6 soldiers for this X-COM Enemy Unknown, vs. up to 26 soldiers using the most advanced transport aircraft in X-COM Enemy Unknown. The rhythm of the battle will also change through objective-additional objective that can be inserted in any mission alien annihilation. In addition, Firaxis has also added a variety of combat is more complex mechanisms, including the cover system, fire suppression, overwatch, destructible environments, and a variety of special abilities for each soldier. And talk about the soldiers that we use, X-COM Enemy Unknown will also use character class system (including Assault, Support, Heavy Weapons, and Sniper), and each character can we customize further, starting from the name, country of origin, to hair color, sound, and much more. At least it would be easy to suppose that we lead is truly an elite team of individuals that contains the best of the best-not just a bunch of clone with hair style uniforms Guile from Street Fighter.

In short,