“This game was awesome!” – You in 1992

Yep, the best game of its year, Wolfenstein 3D maybe the beginning of all first-person shooting game that you play now. Being the first of all, Wolfenstein 3D has achieve a lot of award, such as the best arcade/action game, even become the one of the eight most important games ever created. And now, we’re celebrating its 20th birthday!

Wolfenstein 3D

Seeing the picture above, you must be shocked, how can a crappy game like that become the number one game? Well, the only thing I can say is, there’s no CoD or Battlefield or Crysis, if Wolfenstein 3D hasn’t been made. Wolfenstein 3D is the father of all first-person shooter game in the world. Yep, Wolfenstein 3D has planted the concept of first-person shooter, which continues to develop along with the technology.

In Wolfenstein 3D, you’ll play as William J. “B.J” Blazkowicz, an allies bad boys of espionage and was an action seeker. Your mission is to infiltrate Nazi’s base and find out about their plans for Operation Eisenfaust, one of Nazi’s plan to build a perfect army. The rumors said that Nazi’s scientist, Dr. Schabbs has created a technique to raise an army from the dead. (OMG zombie apocalypse! Lol). You’ll start as prisoner in Nazi’s base, and you’ll face enemies as you break through Nazi’s base. There will be 10 level for each episodes, and each level has one boss for you to defeat.

Seeing the name, Wolfenstein 3D, no wonder you’ll figured out the game will be on full 3D world, and is a first ever first-person shooter. A huge breakthrough in game industries which leads into the development of first person shooter like the one we play right now. Guys, maybe you think it’s suck, in 1992 it’s the best game lol.

Wolfenstein 3D is a shareware program when it was released on 1992, containing 1 chapter with 10 levels inside. Two more chapters released as commercial episodes which also contains of 10 levels each. Later, a mission pack was released with the name “Nocturnal Missions” contains 3 episodes with 10 levels each, giving total 60 levels to play.

Here’s some facts about the game

The first ever first-person shooter game, bringing a revolution from scrolling shooters towart first-person shooters
Wolfenstein 3D had success in making Adolf Hitler as the 15th greatest video game boss in the history.
Wolfenstein 3D was the first game to use ExMx map/level naming convention
This probably tickles you a bit
• 286 Computer (386+ Strongly Recommended)
• 528k of conventional memory (2Mb total memory recommended)
• 3 meg of Hard Drive Space (for shareware)
• 8 meg of Hard Drive Space (for registered)

20 Years has passed since the game released, and let’s celebrate for it! As a tribute to the 20th birthday of the game, Bethesda which bought id software in 2009 release a free-to-play browser-based version of Wolfenstein 3D on its website on 5 May 2012.

Once again, congratulations Wolfenstein 3D, 20 years ago you’ve bring the concept of first-person shooter which made possible all the first-person shooter we’re currently playing. *kiss*

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