In this Wizard Inferno build we would like to note that the Wizard class was one of the very first classes to do a solo kill in Diablo on Inferno difficulty. Well in this Wizard Inferno build guide we will tell you the trick. And the trick is to kite Diablo while using the damage over time and also some companion support.

The Wizard Inferno build that is  used in this guide is an elective build that really put a companions in use, and also massive survival skills, the quick-cast AoEs, increased damage passives and some of the others that has similar effect. This Wizard Inferno build  is actually built eradicate just about anything that crosses your path and that is presumably as long as you have enough time to sit around and kite, cast, dodge and do some dance.

How Wizard Inferno Build Guide works:

In this build you can just grab the abilities and put them into any key bindings that you want. There are no primary, secondary abilities here.

Venom Hydra. its actually cool to have this companion along side since it will continually attack your target regardless of whether you are standing still, kiting or maybe talking on the phone with your friends.

Blizzard. Just Cast this while moving and the ice magic will do the rest. You can also use the Unrelenting Storm skill rune and that if  you’re level 60 or else you can maximize the damage accordingly. Cast and then run! repeat if necessary, you can save up your Arcane Power and make sure this strategy  is going as often as possible.

Diamond Skin.  I guess there is no need to explain more about this. Absorb up to 21,707 damage every 15 seconds without using any Arcane Power. you can also enhance this perk with the Crystal Shell skill rune to make it more powerful.

Slow Time. This is an important aspect of this build , you can survive with this perk without costing extra Arcane Power. It Slow down your target and speed up your allies and have about 20 seconds cooldown, moreover if you use it every 20 seconds it will significantly increase your chances of survival. The Stretch Time skill rune is also makes the best of  the effect of this skill. If you’re not level 53 it is a good thing to use  Perpetuity to increase the frequency of this ability.

Magic Weapon. It is a passive ability and you can only have to cast it every 5 minutes. Enhance it with the Force Weapon skill rune and you will get 15% more damage as long as you kept this up.

Energy Armor with Force Armor.  2 minute buff of choice for this build. It can increases your armor but has a side effect reducing your Arcane Power. Your Arcane Power cap won’t matter in a long fight that involves tons of kiting since you’ll seldom let your AP build up higher than 50-60.

Passives are selected to regenerate Arcane Power and also useful in increasing damage. You can regenerate AP with Astral Presence. To buff your Blizzard you can use Cold Blooded and use Glass Cannon perk to buff all damage .

The only Arcane Power attack is Blizzard and Blizzard has no cooldown. You will quickly generate the AP  with Astra Presence. You can also increase your damage 15% with Magic Weapon and 15% with Glass Cannon. Or get another 20% buff to Blizzard with Cold Blooded. Blizzard’s skill rune: Unrelenting Storm will also increase Bllizzard’s damage to 280% and make it 8 seconds total of rain.

You should also keep your Hydra out and along with  Magic Weapon  and Energy Armor active.  and everytime  it’s available.use Blizzard. Dont forget to use Slow Time everytime it’s up and pack up Diamond Skin whenever you fell like needing it but dont over use it, no more often than every 15 seconds.

This build should help you defeat any boss with your Wizard. Good luck!

Important:  The strategies and tips I that share in this Wizard Inferno build are originally inspired by Diablo Secrets. And If you’re serious playing the game and about making serious gold, quick leveling , using the right builds and mastering Diablo 3, then y