Nintendo catch an earlier wind  on the E3  by screening a surprise presentation at Nintendo Direct that is  focused on their new system, the Wii U Pro. The company kicked off E3 2012 with early preview of the controller, presented by live online-video, by Satoru Iwata the Nintendo President. The biggest revelation in the videos was the hardware  which Iwata pointed to as the “Wii U Pro Controller“.

The Nintendo Global President Satoru Iwata,  promised  that he will be discussing about the Wii U  conceptually” — it means that  there were no revelations concerning Wii U  games. (Although there was a breaking news that shows a quick view of a sidescrolling  game Mario. Nintendo is making a new Super Mario game!). The video mainly focused on the previously-revealed Wii u Pro controller and on the “MiiVerse”, Nintendo’s new social system,  But the biggest revelation is when Iwata mentioned that players have more choice  than  the tablet-style GamePad. Consumers could also play Wii U  games using a controller that  Iwata mention to as the “Wii U Pro Controller.”

Wii U Pro Controller Description

The Pro Controller ereased the touchscreen feature of the previously released Wii U tablet controller that we have seen so far, it was supposed to  making it more appropriate for more classic titles. It has a pair of analog sticks, the typical  D-pad and buttons and also a few shoulder triggers for addition. The Pro Controller looks really similar to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gamepad,  the controller seems to be a bit shorter and slightly wider than the 360′s. The layout of the  unit’s ergonomic shape and button  proved very comfortable to play ,its has light weight and fairly has the feeling of sturdy  build quality. Under the joysticks, from left to right, you will find four action buttons and a D-pad, while the center plays is host to a battery indicator,  controller assignment indicator lights and  Wii U function buttons. On the top-rear  there are bumper and trigger pairs on the right and left sides,  and also a  Mini-USB port in the middle to charge the  controller.

The controversion between Nintendo and Xbox 360 gamers are as complicated as they are clear, and some people are asking , “Why is Nintendo’s new controller is ripping of the 360 controller design?” While it’s obvious  that the  controller is very similar to Xbox 360 version, there are only a few ways you can create a controller, and Nintendo might have thought that  the xbox 360 design is more comfortable and  convinient than the PS3 controller. Having  both of Xbox and Ps3, we would have to agree that  Xbox 360 controller has a more comfortable controller although  plenty of PS3 owners that dislike the Xbox 360 design. The Fans and detractors  have been voicing their opinions about it, but one of the most highly circulated opinion is : “Nintendo will scare off third-party developers because of the new  control method, it’s really going to complicate the whole process of the game development ”. So Wii U Pro Controller is going to raise some difficulities in the aspect of the game development.

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