Construction vs Nature problem seems never reach the end

Being released on May 2 for all Poptropicans, Twisted Thicket Island gives more challenge to deal with. And we’re here for you who are frustated in finishing the island and dying for the walkthrough. Well, the walkthrough is for anyone actually, if you want to figure out something faster or searching for some key to act, feel free to read. Here we go with Twisted Thicket Walkthrough.

Twisted Thicket Walkthrough

Twisted Thicket area 1 – Construction Site
Upon entering the construction site, you’ll find the foreman of the construction project. No chance of missing him. He will brief you the situation of the construction site, which lately being disturbed by creatures from forest. He ask you to solve the problem and accept it. Make your way to the right and enter the forest.

Twisted Thicket area 2 – Dryad Hollow
Not far from the entrance, you’ll find a ghost-like acorn which are one of the collectible item Lesovyk Rune. After grabbing the rune, a group of dryads will appear and block your way through the forest. Somehow, they will stick into you and slow your movement but float you up. This is what you must do, let the dryads cover your body, and make you float to the first platform. After reachinh the platform, put your mouse over your body and it will scare the dryads. Continue to the right along with dodging the dryads attack that are meant to block your way.

Twisted Thicket area 3 – Elven Vines
Passing the dryads, forest creature comes. In this area you’re required to jump from vine to vine, and the forest creatures lives in the vines. Guess what, they’re also attempt to block you to enter the forest, by cutting the vine or bump into you.

Twisted Thicket area 4 – Vine Climb
Easiest level, just need to make it to the top through four very long vines. Start anywhere, and make sure you jump to another vine if the creatures tries to bumps you or cut your rope.

Twisted Thicket area 5 – Forest Canopy
After reaching the top of the tree, or enemies are back to dryad. Now, you must dodge them as you continue to the right. Actually, the set’s of the dryads who are flying around makes some exact pattern. This is how to avoiid them:
1. You must jump over the first group
2. The second groups requires you to duck
3. You must enter the dryads circle and out of it (large circle)
4. You must enter the dryads circle and out of it (small circle)
The pattern is the same for two times, and after that you’re continue to next area.

Twisted Thicket area 6 – Troll Hill
Now you’re facing a troll, which throws boulders to you. Your job is to avoid the boulder, by quickly run to the right and jump into a small platform. After the boulder passes you, quickly run to the right and duck at the edge of the right screen to avoid another boulder. After the boulder passes, jump to his back and jump again to go to the level above, and you’ll face the same troll. Repeat the steps for two more troll, and for the last troll is a bit diffrent.
The last troll has 2 platform in it. Jump to the first and secon platform while jumping to avoid the boulder, and quickly go to the left edge of the screen. The troll will eventually drop the boulder on his own head, so you can jump to it and jump again to go to the next level then proceed to the right to complete the area.

Twisted Thicket area 7 – Bioluminescent Bog
This one is a bit difficult. In some spot you must avoid the Nokken, and are somehow difficult.
All you need to do first is to head right and jump over  the open tree stump to the right of the Beware sign. After reaching a wall, quickly jump through trees, and stay all the way left at the first jump. Head right to the water, and after getting out of the water, jump to the platform on the right to avoid Nokken. Head right, and jump down (do not use the vine, even touching it), swim down to the right and when you come out, jump to the left to get Nackrosor Rune. Jump ri