The tribes ascend guide is based on me using Sentinel so far, there will be diffrent opinion from other people, but i will write in my point of view.

Hey guys, back with me and my recently-found crush Tribes Ascend. Today, i’ll give you some Tribes Ascend Guide. And what are we going to discuss today, is SENTINEL. Yep, one of the light class character which is somehow being rejected by much of players. But soon as you finished reading Tribes Ascend Guide, you’ll realized that this class can be dangerous, even without being in sight. Let’s go with Tribes Ascend guide – Sentinel

Tribes Ascend Guide Sentinel

My objective of this tribes ascend guide is to inform you about Sentinel. I read on peoples comment on several site that this class is crappy. Hell, Sentinel is awesome for me! Becoming the light class doesn’t mean that this class is easy to kill. Okay, let me tell you what is in this class for Tribes Ascend Guide


Armor Type : Light
Health : 800 (900 with perk)
Energy : 90 (100 with armor upgrade)
Primary Weapon : BXT 1 Rifle (default), Phase Rifle
Secondary Weapon : Nova Blaster (default), Falcon Pistol
Belt : Claymore Mine (default), T5 Grenade
Pack : Recharge Pack (default), Drop Jammer
Price : 160G or 7200 EXP

So why did i insist that this class is good? Well, acording to my usage so far this is what a Sentinel can do that i found for Tribes Ascend Guide

You can’t run, capper
The ability to snipe using BXT 1 Rifle can snipe down even a pathfinder who has run a long way
Don’t you dare getting close to my flag
Sentinel belt contains claymore mine wich deal 700 damage to enemy who tripped into it. At first you can only deploy 1 claymore, and 2 with the upgrade, 3 using perk.
So you’re mortaring my base, eh?
Sniping ability can take down enemy juggers who usually bombarding our base with mortar from a long way
Don’t get in my way!
Sentinel is very effective in taking down enemy flag defender from distance, without getting any damage.

Well, actually there are also some weakness of this class. Here’s some that i figured out for Tribes Ascend Guide

Low Health
Sentinel only have 800 health, when the other can hit you for 300-500 in one hit. Only 2-3 hit and you’ll back to respawn zone
Weapon Disadvantage
BXT 1 Rifle can deal its max damage when charge for 3 second, so you’re completely inefective in close combat. The secondary Nova Blaster doesn’t really help because it’s hard to use.
Claymore Disadvantage
Claymore is easily countered by Vehicle or enemy Juggernauts.
BXT 1 Rifle need a perfect aim, so you must practice to aim at enemy a lot

Tribes Ascend Guide

Tactic by Tribes Ascend Guide

There are two ways of using Sentinel. For defense purpose, and for attack purpose. So far i usually do the defensive thing coz there are rarely people who willing to defend the flag along the match. But i’ll try with the Attacking mode too.

Defending Tactic by Tribes Ascend Guide

I will tell about how i defend the flag. After the match started, your first main goal is to deploy an inventory station for Claymore Spamming. Then, put claymore on your flag! If it’s blown, quickly put the claymore again. Maybe some skilled player wont get caught by this trap, but i manage to get 17 kills just by using this Claymore on my flag its also the best counter for high speed flag capping lol. Beside planting the claymore, your another job is to take down enemy juggernaut from afar. They’re slow, so it’s easy to snipe. Also, sniping down enemy capper if they manage to survive from your claymore. It’s a bit harder because capper usually travel in high speed, but with some practice you will easily take them down actually. The last thing to do is to put jammer on the map. It’s very helpful for you and your friend to defend the flag without enemy noticing.

Attacking by Tribes Ascend Guide

For the attacking section, is quite simple. Your main job is to snipe down the defender