Tribes : Ascend is part of the Tribes franchise, a free-to-play multiplayer only FPS. Thanks to the developer : Hi-Rez Studios for bringing this great games in PC, now we can enjoy the game which is released on April 12, 2012. And now i want to give you some beginner’s guide, about how to play the Tribes : Ascend. Here we go!


Here’s some video and official site to download the game : Tribes : Ascend


Tribes : Ascend

Controls on Tribes : Ascend

Tribes : Ascend is a PC exclusive games. So, keyboard and mouse are a must

The basic control of Tribes : Ascend is WSAD, the same as the usual FPS game. W is forward, S for backward, and A & D will strafe you left and right. The mouse function is to rotate the direction you’re facing.

Left Mouse Button fires your weapon, while Right Mouse Button activates your jetpack. Space Bar activates your skis, and you must hold down the space to activate it.

Q button switches to your primary or secondary weapon. Tab shows scoreboard, E for melee weapon, R for reload, F for grenade / place your equipment. C for activating your equipment. G will access repair gun dispenser. O will toggle identifications for the location of your teams. Shift is for scoping your vision to where you’re currently looking (scrolling will controls the zoom level). Z will drop the enemy flag if you have it on your possession. X  toggles the Tribes : Ascend camera between first and third version. Finally, K is for Sepukku (suicide lol)

Shooting on Tribes : Ascend

There’re several weapon types in Tribes : Ascend, which is different in term of usage. Let me explain this one by one


Discs in Tribes : Ascend shots projectile and are not affected by gravity. It moves on moderate speed and have a splash damage upon impact. A basic weapon to start. But you have to consider one thing : Travel time! Discs shots projectile that takes some time to travel across the battlefield before having an impact with the target you aim. So, you must calculate the time  between firing your shot, when the projectile will have an impact, and where you’re enemy will be when the projectile explode. You got it right when the projectile explode in the place where your enemy is currently standing, but it need a lot of practice of course. My tips is, try to hit the enemy on ground. It’s a lot easier than hitting them mid-air. Also, don’t aim at their body, but aim at where they’re going to land or move. The key is, practice and play a lot


Well, it’s quite the same as discs, except we added one more element : Gravity! My comment is same as above, keep practicing on calculating the enemy movement and projectiles movement.

Hit Scan

Well, maybe this is the easiest weapon to use in Tribes : Ascend, because these types of weapons instantly hit the target if the bullet intercepts the target, except it won’t explode.

Classes on Tribes : Ascend

The character selection on Tribes : Ascend divided into 3 parts with its own roles. Each class has two weapons, a grenade, unique pack ability, and an associated weight.

The class type in Tribes : Ascend is: Heavy, Medium, Light. The role of each of them are like this, Heavy (high health, slow movement, high attack power) is for defending our flag and destroying enemy heavy class who defend their flag, medium (moderate, more power than light) is for repairing the base, chasing enemies capper and escorting the class who bring the enemy flag, and finally the light class (fast movement, but thin as paper) is a capper, use for stealing the enemy flag FTW! lol

Skiing and Jetpacking Guide on Tribes : Ascend

Author’s note : somehow i found Skiing and Jetpacking in Tribes : Ascend is similar to no gravitation on counter strike, lol.. Kidding :”)

To make the guides simple, i will quickly brief this two thing.
Skiing, in Tribes : Ascend, is to gain velocity. Skiing here has the same me