Even if it’s a flash game, I really enjoy this type of game.

Trials Evolution is a platform racing game by RedLynx for Xbox 360 via Xbox 360 Live Arcade. Published by Microsoft Studios, Trials Evolution is the successor of 2009’s Trials HD. You may recognize the game as the game concept has been adopted into a flash game by a lot of people, but here’s Trials Evolutions, giving the real thing about the game.

Trials Evolution

Trials Evolution is a racing game that makes you control a motorcycle rider while traversing over obstacles. Somehow the game receive a great amount of ratings from a lot of website, looking at Metacritic’s 91/100 score, and GameRankings 91.50% score.

Trials Evolution will runs in 3D graphic but played on 2D plane. The riders only able to move forward or backwards, as they avoid the obstacle. Thanks to the lovely environment, the game seems more realistic and much more pleasing in the eyes, as you ride on a lot of setting. From a ruined castle by moonlight, on a sunny days, storm a beachhead in wartime, and a lot of creative environment are already waiting for you.

The objective of Trials Evolution is to drive on your motorcycle while navigating a number of obstacle to the finish line. You’ll face some big jumps, or loop-the-loops, and other obstacle making the game more thrilling and challenging. You’ll get more score if you finish in a faster time and few crashes. The tense to ride faster and faster to complete the level while passing every obstacle really is a fun thing to do. There’s also multiplayer mode on the game which can connect you online via Xbox LIVE or via the same platform, with up to four players to compete simultaneously. The leaderboard on Trials Evolution really gives the motivation for every player to be the fastest one in the map, beating thousands of people out there. Well, you can’t be the best in your life, at least you can be the best at one game, right? Lol

On single mode, every win you get results in money, which can be used to customize your rider and motorcycle appearance. There will be around 50 single player tracks, each contains various challenges, packed with a creatively-placed obstacle.

Players are also available to customize their own map on Trials Evolution through editor, and can share it online. It’s up to you to build your own challenging or even hardest track, up to your creativity. You may want to play what other had created, whether the hard one, or something wild, or just the highest rated track.

Well, Trials Evolution really is great. The graphic, and the simple-but-exciting concept really makes the game enjoyable for many gamers. The multiplayer mode makes us able to compete with other people to know who’s better, as it gives more challenge than just a simple single player. A lot of website state that Trials Evolution may be the best XBLA in this year, even in XBLA history.

Trials Evolution is a great game to play, and i hope my review can give you the image of the game. Hope this will help you, thanks for reading ^^

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