Hallow gamers, how you doin? This time, i will write about Torchlight 2 which already release on 20 September, 2012. Torchlight 2 developed by Runic Games. Name Runic Games and Torchlight are probably still unfamiliar to some gamers today. For those of you who are not know, Runic Games is a developer from Blizzard fraction established since 2008 ago and its focused to develop an action-RPG franchise games with isometric camera – Torchlight. The Torchlight series originally achieved tremendous success and had even seen as the best competitor for Diablo that comes with the  similar genre and gameplay. Now, after waiting long enough, Runic Games has finally released the second installment of this franchise – Torchlight 2! A series which claims that will come more perfect.

Game Torchlight from Runic Games is often compared to the series of games made by Blizzard, Diablo. Not only the similar appearance and gameplay, it was even has the same designer, Max Shaefer, who now serves as CEO of Runic. Shaefer, along with his brother, Erich previously worked as a designer for Diablo and Diablo II. Once they out from Blizzard, they form Runic Games.

In an interview with Joystiq, Schaefer said that Torchlight 2 has a range of features that will be able to compete with Diablo III. But Schaefer said that the most important thing is the release date of Torchlight 2. Schaefer said that Diablo III release date has been announced, but the game itself is said to still not completely finished. Schaefer admitted that announcing the release date of a game before the game is finished is a huge risk. One of them, according to Schaefer said with a laugh that is a game with an imperfect ending. As a “rival”, Schaefer said he was not going to come to in a hurry. Schaefer also promises that it is developing Torchlight II has been running almost two years will be completely paid off later.

When asked for an estimate of when Torchlight II will be released, Schaefer said that ideally after Diablo III is released, about a month later. Diablo III was announced for release on May 15, 2012, if the words of Schaefer’s right, most likely Torchlight II will be released in June 2012. But of course it must be remembered that Schaefer has worked for Blizzard almost unbelievable when it comes to release dates.

Now for my first impression of Torchlight 2. Almost no different in terms of visualization for Torchlight II. Although it comes with the graphics quality is much better, he still brought the concept of the cartoonish characters and the world. This minimalist design is also applied to the characters and the world that remains in colorful, yet still retain the right game atmosphere. Runic of course offers a lot of new things for this new series, than just class characters and stories, until the long-awaited feature – multiplayer mode. One is for sure, Runic seems to have given up to pursue their ambition to make it as a franchise Torchlight MMO. Entering the game time of 10 hours with level 35, our adventures in Torchlight II apparently is far from over. Its long journey guys