Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics, the game developer of Tomb Raider is already planning a sequel to the continuation of this game.

This was revealed by Karl Stewart, global brand director of Crystal Dynamics recently. He said that if you look ahead, we must be aware Tomb Raider is not just a single game. He also said that he had to be careful because he knew exactly where Lara will go.

Kart said that in Tomb Raider will be released next year, the Crystal Dynamics to form the character of Lara Croft as a strong woman and has a great desire to solve the mystery. And to tell the story completely, it takes at least two games.

Karl further said that in this game Lara will visit many “Tombs”, and we’ll see how Lara was eager to adventure, and how she wanted to be like now. That’s the goal which want to displayed by Crystal Dynamics.

We’ve both learned that Lara Croft will change in the new Tomb Raider game, where the game is going to tell the early adventures of Lara, and he’s still not too experienced in dealing with his enemies.

The developer said the Lara figure in this game will make gamers feel rather than act as Lara, but it will make us feel wanted to protect these beautiful girls. Ron Rosenberg, executive producer of the game said that if there is a danger that threatens Lara, gamers will make their best effort to help Lara out of danger. Ron also said that gamers will seek stronger than when they are “controlling” male character in a game. One of the dangers that exist in this game is when Lara Croft was kidnapped and held captive by his enemies, and they even tried to rape Lara.

Now comes the game opening session of pre-orders. Tomb Raider himself will be present at the beginning of next year. Some special Tomb Raider edition will give different bonuses, depending on where you order it.

Here are a few bonuses that you can get when an order through BestBuy, Amazon and GameStop.


A new adventure that waiting Lara to be explored, some puzzles and obstacles are ready to test your brain to control Lara in finishing “Challenge Tomb”.


You will get the art book as thick as a 32-page created by director Brian Horten with digital bonus content “The Final Hours of Tomb Raider ‘. In it there is an interactive application that contains the cutscenes and behind-the-scenes of the game created special for Amazon Kindle Fire gadget.

Bonus in-game that came in the form of skin Hunter, showing Lara bathed in mud for camouflage like in action movies box office.


In the latter package of this game, you will get a special comic that tells the story of the beginning of the game Tomb Raider, composed by Rhiana Pratchett with cover design by Brian Horton.