I believe that every hard core gamer in the world know about tomb raider 2013 walkthrough in the latest tomb raider game. Yes, tomb raider is one of the most famous video games that have ever played in the world. But, maybe, for some people who newly playing this kind of game, this walkthrough can become big help to finish their quest in this game. There are many tricks that can be use to do some walkthrough, but it needs to be thought and learned.

In tomb raider 2013 walkthrough tutorial you can see a lot of move of in this legendary game. Yes, as we all know that Lara Croft is one of the most legendary game character that we have ever known. This game has been adapted into two movie, Tomb Rider that released in 2001 and Tomb Raider The cradle of life that released in 2003. The legendary Tomb Raider video game is developed by Chrystal Dynamics.

Tricks in Tomb Raider 2013 Walkthrough

There are some tricks that can be used to access the tomb raider 2013 walkthrough. First tricks is to ignite the body bag, you can push you’re your joystick to swing Lara’s body that will close up the body bag to Lara and will ignite. The fire will spot some place that can be used as the escape way. This is the perfect time to set Lara out of fire. Doing it in another time will automatically set Lara on a barbeque you can see this walkthrough in tomb raider 2013 walkthrough part 1.

The second trick you can use in Tomb Raider 2013 walkthrough is the Zee torch. This is the torch that will add to Lara permanent inventory in the torch part three from in and out. She can set something on fire by igniting them by using the torch. You have to remember that this torch will be put away when she holding the dodge key or when se do some stun that involve her two hand in action like rock climbing, swimming or something else.

Puzzle in Tomb Raider 2013 Walkthrough

To effectively use this Tomb Rider 2013 walkthrough, you have to solve some kind of puzzle that will be irritating the walkthrough process.  Actually, this puzzle is simple. Lara can’t set the explosive in front of the cave door because the water turns of her torch. You can begin to solve this puzzle by lighting the torch from the brazier. Ignite the anchor that hold down the platform and set the wooden barrel on fire. When the barrels are dumped into the cage, Lara will propel the contents of the barrel down as the way to escape the madman a second time. You can see this walkthrough in tomb raider 2013 walkthrough part 2.

Tips in Tomb Raider 2013 Walkthrough

As we all know that there is always ways to cheat in every video game. It made that way so people can get some help to see the end of the game. But, this walkthrough parts are not some kind of cheat, this is a help for the gamers to solve the problem efficiently. Tomb raider 2013 walkthrough is an easy way to solve one of the most legendary video games that have ever made.