The Witcher 2 is a game that contains some sex sequences which  can be accessed trough some quest. So, it’s a mature game What i mean as sex, is, really sex! Not just sex in sound or just the begining, but real actual s*x! So, beware of some boobies To get the scene you want, you must choose the correct choice, so it’s quite tricky. Here’s how you get the scene on The Witcher 2.

The Witcher 2

Sex With Triss – The Witcher 2

The first sex scene you will encounter is with Triss. The chance to get the scene is on Roses of Memory, in which you must retrieve Roses of Memory from nearby elven ruins so Triss can make potion from it.

After retrieving the flower from the ruins, bring it to Triss and she will create a potion that bring back your memory. Actually, there are 2 ways to retrieve the flower: go alone or accomanied with Triss. If you want to get the scene, go with Triss

Try to avoid enemies and trap as you travel through the forest with Triss. Upon arriving at a point by the waterfall, Triss will point the ruins where the flower is at. Go there, and retrieve the flower.

After retrieving the flower suddenly you will be attacked by the Elven Thugs. When you’re fighting, the ground breaks and you’re ended in an area looks like a bath with Triss. Try breaking the wall with Aard Sign, but nothing happen, so talk with Triss. Now, if you pick the right choice (the choice contains ‘bath’) you will soon see boobies

The Witcher 2 Romance

Sex With Ves – The Witcher 2

In Ave Henselt! side quest, which you can get by accepting the offer of Proximo to participate the tournament during The Butcher of Cidaris quest. As you win the fights with all the knight, Ves will volunteer herself as your opponent. If you win the fight, Ves will invite you to her tent. Play well, and you’ll get the scene

Sex With Riannon – The Witcher 2

In chapter one, there’s a quest in which you must save a girl from burning house. The girl is Riannon. If you save her, in chapter 2 she will be on western exit of the city. Play well, get the scene

Sex With Succubus – The Witcher 2

If you choose Iorweth Pathway in Act 1, you will given The Succubus side quest in Act 2 from an elf named Ele’yas. He said that young men have been disappearing in Vergen for sometime. What you need to do is to Examine burnt villages and gather the clue. Go to the catacombs to find trail to get more evidence. After facing the enemies, find a fresh body and extract the blade shard from it (make sure you have surgical equipments).

From the body, you’ll find Dandelions poetical sketchbook which then leads to Succubus. Chat with Dandelions about his poetry. Then, a friend at in will tell you about the stolen book. Convince him to help you lure the Succubus out using the poetry. Go to burnt village to meet him at midnight, and if you’re doing it right, Succubus will appear and invite you to go with her. Then the Succubus will tell you that she seduces men and makes love with them to drain their energy, but doesn’t kill ‘em. And she also says that Ele’yas is the one murdering the other man out of jealousy.

Go back to Iorweth and have a chat. If you posses the blade shards from the body of the diseased, he will believe your story. Go back to Succubus and you’ll get the love-love scene

And finally that’s the final love scene you can get from The Witcher 2. Hope this will help ^^