Robert Kirkman sure is proud of his creation has just become a game, The Walking Dead game. At first in 2003 with a comic book, going to TV series, and now The Walking Dead has spread its wings to Video Games! Telltale Games as the developer of The Walking Dead game has just released the first episodes of The Walking Dead game on 25th April 2012 fir Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, even Mac OS X and iOS. Well, The Walking Dead game genre is absolutely horror or thriller. So, what will it gives to us the gamers?

The Walking Dead game

The gameplay of The Walking Dead game, stated by Kirkman, is not focusing on action but more to its characterization and emotion. So don’t expect to have an action zombie killing like left 4 dead etc.

Somehow, the popularity of The Walking Dead is amazingly high. The words zombie apocalypse describes the game most, due to the infection to the people making a whole town into some zombies creature. Actually, the comic and also the story tells about the zombie apocalypse survivor which is trying to escape from all the infected zombie and searching for a safe place. So, The Walking Dead game will actually has the same objective as the movie.

You’ll play ass a character named Lee. When The Walking Dead game started, you’ll end up in a police station, riding down to Atlanta. While chatting with the police officer, and boom you hit a zombie. The police car lose its control and fell down to a cliff. The story continues there where Lee is conscious and found out that the police officer has turn into zombie. Then he’s started to get attacked by a lot of zombies. So hardcore! For now, i’ve figured that the main character of the story is Lee, together with the first character he met, a liitle girl named Clementine. What The Walking Dead game will give next, just play the game

Upon seeing the gameplay of The Walking Dead game, its true that the game is less in action, but the storyline is so deep. You’re not given a free roam moment but your movement is always based on the storyline. The perspective of the game is using third person view. By the time, you’re given several option of conversation that affect the storyline and affect how people see you. At some point, you’ll have to choose which person will you save from the dead, and letting the other dead. Some of the game plot will change actually. There ‘killing zombies’ scene only occur on some moment, and the view will change to first person, where you’re supposed to use a shotgun or axe or something to kill the zombies.

The graphic is not as good as Skyrim and co. but it’s scary enough. As you can see below, damn you’re given a situation where you’re confronting the zombie face to face :O The thrill aspect of the games also supported by terrifying sound effect that surely brings you quite some nightmare

Telltale Games stated that this The Walking Dead game released is just the first episode, and another four episodes will follow the first one with more story and more horror for you.

You can see the trailer of The Walking Dead game here.