Activision has announced The Walking Dead FPS, the game will be in FPS mode that is based on AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show. But you should know that this game is not Telltale’s episodic game that is based on the comic “The Walking Dead”  by Robert Kirkman’s. I know you are a little bit confused right now, well don’t be, that is exactly what the zombies want.

Players will have the options on the gameplay, whether they will play in the way of shoot em all mode or maybe a more subtle approach with stealth tactic when it comes to zombies. And as you would expect in the true zombie survival horror game, supplies will be not as much as you thought it would be. So be prepeared to scavange anything that you could find in the game, because a tiny item could just save your life.

The Walking Dead FPS Character and Friends

The Walking Dead FPS will be about the game’s protagonist Daryl Dixon and his brother Merle embark on a haunting and an unforgiving adventure to secure their passage to the supposed safety of in the region of Atlanta. In the game players will control Daryl as they attempt to progress through the levels stealhtly in order to avoid detection from zombies that hunts them utilizing their undead sense of sight, sound and smell and player will have the option to choose between fighting them or using stealth to avoid detection or just going all out the shoot em all kind of style.

According to Activision, “No place is truly safe for Daryl as he makes his way through the Georgia countryside in this new, post-apocalyptic world.”

In the game there will be limited number of supplies and players will have to have a good management on food, ammunition and supplies as they make their way through the game. players will encounter “a slew of other characters” along his quest in a way that can help or even endanger him. It is completely up to the players whether these characters accompany Daryl or not and they also  “represents just some of the major decisions that will constantly be made while fighting to survive.”

Darryl become viewer favorite on The Walking Dead TV Series on the season two of the show because Norman Reedus is a great actor and also the character is such a classic anti-hero. Michael Rooker, a formidable actor that played Daryl’s brother Merle in season one and also during a hallucination in season two, is one of great actor also and they succeded in making the TV Tittle became a big hit.

The Walking Dead FPS will hit stores in 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. There are also a few other details that are available, but dont forget to check out the game’s official site for more infoabout the game  in the future. But before it happen, you can  keep an eye out for all of the latest information and announcement about The Walking Dead TV show before it returns to AMC for season three later this year.

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