Along with  The Sims 3 Supernatural The cool, popular and long-running the Sims franchise has been enjoyed by gamers around the world for more than a decade. And its given us the creative power to make virtual people with all their virtual personality quirks and then the ability to help/torture them as they engage their virtual lives in virtual houses and virtual towns that we created.

But now in The Sims 3 Supernatural, things are about to get more creepy. As announced on Wednesday by EA’s Maxis label,  that in this September they  will unleash the new series of Expansion Pack called The Sims 3 Supernatural.

In this expansion, players will have a  choice from a variety of “supernatural lifestyles” for their Sims to live in it. According to the press release, you’ll be able to create vampires, werewolves,  fairies and witches , ” character customization  that range from the shape of a fairy’s wings to the hairiness of a werewolf’s body .”

You also have the ability to cast spells and brew elixers. Yes, it’s just like  the crash of “Harry Potter” and “The Twilight Saga”  ”

“The Sims 3 Supernatural  allows players to dive deep  into the powerful new gameplay that show darker side of The Sims,” said Scott Evans, general manager of The Sims Studio, in the press release. But he also promises that the Teen-rated game will retain the usual humor and playfulness that is the hallmark of this best-selling franchise.

Before The Sims 3 Supernatural EA jumped on the vampire express train with the “Late Night” expansion in 2010. So, this isn’t exactly the first time “The Sims” have taken a turn for the occult. But the game developer promises players that “Supernatural” will allow them to create “more deep and intriguing vampires.” And it also promises zombie attacks. And who doesn’t love to put zombies into this virtual world?

Whats New in The Sims 3 Supernatural

Explore the town of Moonlight Falls: Will your Sims freak out or become more powerful when they discover what mysteries and abilities that are revealed by the light of the full moon.

Discover supernatural items: Race around the arena with your broomstick, preen in front of your magic mirror or visit the gypsy caravan. Even awaken the classic character of Bonehilda, the quirky skeletal maid. Surely with tons of new enchanted objects, and what will happen next?

Share the enchantment and hone your magical crafts: Find rare ingredients to brew elixirs and learn to cast spells, so you can charm or hex your Sims’ lives. Send your magical elixirs online to any of your friends’ games who have The Sims 3. Your Sims can build a career as mystic fortune teller and they can hone their psychic abilities.

Design your virtual home in gothic style: You can add a secret lair with the sliding bookcase door and also fill your home with new furniture that will give the creeps.

Zombification: Mix a special elixir to create your very own shuffling, brain-hungry zombie. Chomp on other Sims to wreak havoc and spread the love . Don’t worry, you can always use an elixir to change your Sims back.

Limited Edition

Plant steadfast in The Sims 3 Supernatural like Plants vs. Zombie’s peashooters to keep your house secure from things that will spawn in the night.

Get the ultimate in creepy chic with cone hats, suits of rags, and other fun-dead fashions.