In the end of April, another MMO game will come to its open beta. TERA open beta will be started from April 19 – April 23. Tera open beta goal will be to recieve as many feedback from gamers about what will needed to be improved from the game. What will the game offer to us? What’s special about TERA open beta? Let’s peel it one by one~

TERA Open Beta

TERA is a MMO video game which offer a non-monotone gameplay. There will be aiming, dodging, and tactical timing that creates intense and rewarding combat.

TERA Open Beta Official Trailer

Basic Gameplay

Character Control

Unlike other MMOs, TERA can use keyboard and mouse or controller to control the action fo the character. It depends on your taste and style of playing. The combat mode requires player to have high skill because, to attack the monster is not as simple as usual, only ‘point and click’. It requires a good positioning, timing, and aim to determine the success in combat. So, it means that you have to keep high mobility to deal some great damage to enemies.


There’s unique thing when you’re combating a monster. When they’re angry, the monster will tells, such as flashing eyes or changing colors. It means that they’re angry at you. Their power will increase and they’ll do bigger crits. Some probably will chase you until you’re dead.

Key Features

7 Races from 8 Classes, you can pick from a melee to ranged, spell caster or healer, is up to you.
Great Visual powered by UNREAL ENGINE 3
Political System. Player can take over the mantle of Vanarth, means they become a ruler of a province. They’ll be able to raise or drop taxes, spawn or reposition special NPC, and also having access to special items, which means, more power ^^
Big, big, big monsters. There will be giant troll-like monster across the map for you to fight. Of course they wont die in one or two hit. Meh


Some of MMO have a problem with the endgame, when the player has reached its max level, fantastic gear, plenty of money, so they’ll have nothing more to do. Here’s what TERA offer to you:

BAM achievements
About the big monsters, if you kill one of them will fill your achievements list. After you reached level 60 will be much more easier to fill the achievements list right?
Bigger Dungeons
TERA has ‘hard mode’ dungeon which even a level 60 players would have some hard time dealing with it. It will be a nice to spend some time sweating of excitement when fighting in a hard dungeon.
GvG probably the most reasonable reason, why people keep playing MMO game. The intensity that GvG brings is hard to forget.
Become a politician
Being a level 60 and have wonderful gears isn’t enough if you want to be politician. You must gain trust from other player so that they pick you as their leader.
The Nexus
The Nexus offer a Raid system, which will give you some good items or reputation with an important faction.

TERA open beta

After TERA open beta ends, the game will enter its official release. The official release of the game is on May 1, but there’s special event for pre-buyers only, a head start to play the game on April 28 :O, but it will be limited to maximum 38 levels, but when the real deal is out, it will be maxed to 60 levels.

Okay, this will be the end of TERA open beta article. Competing with Diablo 3 which will be released 2 weeks after TERA released, which one will stole gamers heart? We’ll see ^^

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