Tali, or also known with her full name, Tali’Zorah vas Neema nar Rayya, is a quarian that joined on Shepard’s squad in the game. Born in Rayya, she is a daughter of another quarian called Rael’Zorah, who happen to be a Admiralty Board member. As other quarian who has very high intelligent, Tali is already considered as mechanical genius even in her young age, making her a great addition to Commander’s Shepard’s squad.

Beginning on the story, Tali was on a rite of quarian to prove her worth as well as require her to bring something valuable to her people on Migrant Fleet. That rite is called Pilgrimage. Continue on the story, she will finally able to complete her Pilgrimage and entrusted by Admiralty Board to lead important research mission for them.

In Mass Effect series, Tali pretty much hold a great role, some even involving her romance with Commander Shepard. However, in Mass Effect 3, she could not appear at all if she does not survive the event on Mass Effect 2. But this only happens when players imported the saved game from Mass Effect 2. If this happens, then her role in Mass Effect 3 will be replaced by another quarian called Shala’Raan vas Tonbay.


Continue on the story of Mass Effect 3, players will be able to decided whether Tali would survive or died suiciding, but only if she survived the suicide mission. After the suicide mission, she will meet Shepard when the quarians ask help from Normandy in order to retake Rannoch, the quarian homeland from geth, the race that they created by their own hands. Eventually, players need to choose between geth or quarians after destroying Reaper that resides on Rannoch. If Shepard chooses geth, then Tali will commit suicide. But if Shepard choose quarians or peace between quarians and geth, Tali will join Normandy and you will get such a long awaited moment as she takes off her mask and see the sunset together with Commander Shepard.  So for you who has been very curious about the Tali’s true face, don’t forget to choose either quarians or peace between quarians and geth when the options come.

Talking about Tali’s romance in Mass Effect 3, she is one of the characters that able to have relationship with Shepard. The player will be able to choose whether Shepard will continue the relationship with Tali or not after she has been invited to Shepard’s quarters. Furthermore, if Shepard is in relationship with her after retake the Rannoch mission, then you will find a picture inside Shepard’s cabin. That picture shows tali without mask, and that is the second chance you see her without wearing masks. If two is not enough, you could get the third chance to see her’s face when Shepard commands the mission to Cerberus Base. Before this mission, she will come to Shepard’s quarter and want to spend the night inside. Then, both Shepard and Tali will remove her mask together and kissing passionately. And that is the third and last times Tali will show her face.

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