Étiquette : World Of Warcraft

Kirin Tor Offensive Character

I believe that every people who play World of Warcraft know about kirin tor offensive. Yes, that is the name where lot of strong warrior affiliate into. For people who often play World of Warcraft, I believe they all know about all of the power of this faction, but for the rookie, they possibly don’t know yet about this faction. This faction is consists of group strong warrior that operating in isle of thunder. This faction is surely one of the strongest factions in World of Warcraft.  Kirin tor Offensive reward is 496 cloaks and rings The Leader of Kirin Tor Offensive This kirin tor offensive main leader Jaina Proudmoore. She is the main leader of the kirin tor offensive and she is also the ruler of Dalaran. She is Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore daughter and Derek Proudmoore sisterand although she never uses her title, she is also the Princess of the Kingdom of Kul Tiras. Jaina Proudmoore is the strongest sorcerers in Dalaran right now. She is personally trained by the former kirin tor offensive leader in the third war, Archmage Antonidas. Jaina Proudmoore way to become the leader of this character is not an easy way. The short story is started after Deathwing’s fall.  Under orders from Warchief Garrosh Hellscream, the Horde unleashed a devastating attack against Theramore, the city where Jaina Proudmoor live. But, Jaina has...

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Rare Battle Pets On World Of Warcraft : Mists Of Pandaria

Hallow gamers, whos already play World of Warcraft : Mists of Pandaria here? Im gonna make an article to show you some info about the rare battle pets. Hope you enjoy it There a pets in game named Companion pets. Companion pets are became a battle pets in Mists of Pandaria, and there some rare battle pets too.  Some pets will become rare battle pets and will be blue in its color.  These are the main rare battle pets to focus on collecting and stockpiling for Mists of Pandaria.  A rare pets will have more stats and will be more powerful. Many of the current companion pets that are becoming rare battle pets are very hard to obtain.  Many of them require cash for their purchase or are awarded from hard achievements, token grinds, or very rare world drops within the World of Warcraft.  Let’s we jump into the list of companion pets that turning to rare battle pets and find their sources. 5 Are Obtained From Archaeology Clockwork Gnome Crawling Claw Fossilized Hatchling Pterrodax Hatchling Voodoo Figurine 7 Come From Fishing Chuck – (Outlands Fishing Dailies) Muckbreath – (Outlands Fishing Dailies) Snarly – (Outlands Fishing Dailies) Toothy – (Outlands Fishing Dailies) Strand Crawler (Northrend, Orgrimmar, & Stormwind Dailies) Giant Sewer Rat (Fished Up In Dalaran Underbelly) Magical Crawdad (Wish Granted From Mr. Pinchy) 1 Is Obtained While Mining Elementium Geode...

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Mists of Pandaria The Fourth WoW Expansion Preview

Symptom of reduction in the number of monthly subscribers of World of Warcraft not go unnoticed by the Blizzard, the MMORPG tough competition with a number of high-quality new or soon which will enter the global market until next year, to be addressed quickly by the developer with the release of the latest detailed information on the fourth expansion titled Mists of Pandaria, on the sidelines of BlizzCon 2011, which lasted 21 to 22 October 2011, at the Anaheim Convention Center, California, USA. The Mists of Pandaria Background  The fourth expansion, Mists of Pandaria, has a background story that reveals an ancient world for tens thousands of years trapped in thick fog. No one can get in or out, until the entire population of Pandaria ‘liberated’ from the catastrophic wars that occurred outside world. Line of green forests and high mountains shrouded in mist as a fence for the beauty of the culture and uniqueness of living beings who take shelter in it, including the Pandaren race is honored and the mystery of life. Is the fog that covers the revelation of nature Pandaria will open a new window of hope for achieving peace in the world or even invite the other two factions fighting for control of the new land, which most likely means the indigenous cultural obliteration Pandaria and everything? In the Mists of Pandaria sheath, the player can...

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