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Meet The Pyro Video Reveals Who Is PYRO !!!

Lets Break out the champagne and light it on fire! The time that  we have all been waiting for is finally arrived! We all waited with high expectations as the Pyromania clock ticked down to  zero. We cursed in anger as Valve’s servers buckled under the weight because of more than 90,000 players trying to access and play the video all at once in the same time. But we did see it. We saw “Meet The Pyro.” Were our lives changed forever? Will yours be? or Was this all is just a hoax to promote more of Valve’s confounded hats? Lets find out! And for those that didn’t know what is Meet The Pyro all about : Here’s the scoop. Valve, the company and game development  behind Portal, Half-Life, Steam, and also Left 4 Dead, they began releasing videos on their website that is introducing each of the playable classes that is from their multiplayer shooter, Team Fortress 2. And It’s also been over a year since the “Meet the Medic” is  released of the second-to-last of these videos. And interestingly the only class that had not been introduced was the “ Meet The Pyro “, a mask-wearing juggernaut, flamethrower-wielding and he or she is shrouded in mystery. We have waited and waited for the final video to come out, and we also have arrived to the point of believing that the meet the pyro would never come....

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GX12 Thermal Pipe Walktrough and Double Rewards Glitch

GX12 Thermal Pipe Mission Chief Engineer Adams has requested a GX12 Thermal Pipe to make the Normandy’s engines safer. Find one on the Citadel and deliver it to him. Acquisition Edit Speak to Adams at the Normandy’s engineering deck. However, if you have taken Dr. Karin Chakwas onboard as your medical officer, after you complete the mission Priority: Sur’Kesh, Mordin Solus and Eve will occupy the medical office and Adams and Chakwas will be engaged in a conversation in the crew quarters. Upon completion of Priority: Tuchanka mission, both will return to their stations and you can speak to Adams after that. Alternatively, Adams will request to speak with you after completing N7: Cerberus Abductions before completing Priority: Tuchanka. Walkthrough Here’s a quick tip on how and where to find the GX12 Thermal Pipe at the Citadel. Journal Mission Entry: Chief Engineer Adams has requested a thermal pipe to make the Normandy’s engines safer. Find one on the Citadel and deliver it to him. Steps: Go to the Presidium Commons and head to the Bank (marked as 1 on the map) Go to the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies kiosk and purchase the E-Gel Thermal Conduit for 1000 credits. Talk to Chief Engineer Adams to confirm delivery and the next conversation will result in completion of the mission. Want more from Mass Effect 3? Go to the Citadel and purchase the...

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