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RuneScape Combat Beta Sign In NOW !!!

The RuneScape Combat Beta  is an item  added to players’ inventories on June 1, 2012. when clicked on it, the player will be directed to a site where he/she can sign up for the beta. Once the player has signed up, players will be sent an  invitation via email on June 26. Full access to the beta will be available to players that already become a member for at least 1 consecutive year. Members will be able to gain access on select weekends when the beta is officially launches. 50,000 of the most active users will also receive RuneScape Combat Beta invites. Accepting the invitation will takes the player to a new window or tab, in here they can enter their RuneScape username and password for verification. Once this is finished, a popup message reads: “ CongratulationsCongratulations! As a highly valued member of our community you are automatically eligible to take part in the Evolution of Combat BETA.On the 26th of June you’ll be able to login to the BETA servers to take part!Return to the Combat HQ for more information and updates and we’ll see you on the 26th! ” Note: If you logged in with a full inventory, just remove an item from your inventory and re-login and the contract should be there  in your inventory. This item cannot be re-obtained if destroyed; however, players can still have a chance...

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Fish Mask Is Going To Be The New Rare Item in Runescape?

For those who didnt know what is a Fish mask. It is a rare reward from the Squeal of Fortune although, for the week after the Fish Flingers rework, The Squeal of Fortune it was renamed the Squeal of Neptune. The Squeal of Fortune that is also generally known as the SoF, is a daily activity that is available to both Runescape members and free players, that is initially introduced on 28 February 2012. Free players get one spin a day while the Runescape members get two spins a day. The Squeal of Fortune resets every midnight UTC. and Fish Mask is one of the reward that Runescape players can get from spining the Squeal of Fortune. The Fish Mask goes down in history’s note as being the first tradeable cosmetic item to be added to the Squeal of Fortune (for a limited time). During the first week of release, it was placed as an uncommon item, moving to the rare slot after that until the end of summer 2012[1]. The Fish Mask does not require special stats to wield and it doesn’t yield any bonuses either. As we know with all tradeable rares in Runescape, there is a cap of buying 2 masks for every 4 hours on the Grand Exchange. If u Right-click the mask and select “Bubbles” or just by simply left clicking on the mask...

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Runescape Runespan – Little Guide of Runespan

Runescape Runespan is one of the newest update released on 30 April 2012. Runescape Runespan is actually a realm filled with magical creature and nodes. Upon traveling the realm you are able to collect rune and essence from creatures that are roaming in the area, and from the nodes. The rune you collected will then get converted by the Wizards Guild (they’re telling that Runespan is in their territory -_-) and you will get points which is used to increase Runecrafting equipment. Here i want to give you a quick quide about Runescape Runespan. Runescape Runespan Prequisite 33 Runecrafting for level 2 66 Runecrafting for level 3 95 Runecrafting (recommended) How to start runescape runespan? First walk to the wizards guild, and head to the second floor. There will be a portal and you may step into it. Choose between higher or lower levels. After choosing one, you will be teleported into the center of Runescape Runespan, where Wizard Finix is currently there. He will give you a short tutorial about Runescape Runespan. Runescape Runespan consist of 3 floors. For free players, they can only access 1st floor and half of 2nd floor, but if you’re members, you can access all the floor. To travel from the first floor to the second, is by climbing the vine ladder in the west area. And to access the last floor is...

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