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X-COM Enemy Unknown Short Preview

X-COM is a legendary name in the world of gaming, which of course led to the growing community of loyal fans and looks like they didnt like the idea of remake version. So it’s no wonder that when 2K Games (and  2K Marin developer) plans to release X-COM in the form of tactical FPS , the reaction from the gaming community is much skewed to the downside. But it turns out, since the year 2008, 2K Games has been holding Firaxis Games (developer of Civilization series) to develop a remake that really fit with the vision of the original X-COM. And in early January, 2K Games officially announced the project X-COM Enemy Unknown. In X-COM Enemy Unknown, gamers will (once again) to act as commander of the elite and scientific research organizations (which of course called X-COM) with the mission to faced alien attack that not only win by number, aliens also have the technologies that are far more advanced. Gamers will coordinate the construction of the headquarters, detect, and if possible to intercept UFO approaching to the earth, invading aliens who landed on earth, doing research to develop new technologies or reveal the workings of a recovered alien technology, to manage the flow of production of new weaponry and combat vehicles . Just like in the  first game of X-COM, this X-COM Enemy Unknown, gamers will control the game from multiple perspectives. Through Geoscape,...

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Dead Or Alive 5 Short Preview

Dead or Alive 5 or sometimes referred to as DOA 5 is the fifth game of the genre of fighting series Dead or Alive. This series is also a sequel to DOA 4 that was released in 2005 yesterday. Despite seven years adrift, DOA series has not disappeared, but they appear more as a spin-off from the main series. In this latest sequel, Dead or Alive 5 takes place two years after the end of the DOA 4. Helena Douglas the main character in the previous series has started building the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee (DOATEC) better by ordering the dissolution of the Division of Biotechnology, giving the suspension is not limited to the Military Division of Project Alpha, Epsilon, and Omega, as well as the expulsion of all members Donovan faction of DOATEC offices worldwide. To show the world how it has changed for the better, Helena announces that he will hold tournamen Dead or Alive the fifth. Being developed by Team Ninja for the PS3 and X360, Dead or Alive 5 this times is published by Tecmo Koei and Sega Corporation. Sega will handle all publishing and distribution Dead or Alive 5 for Europe and Tecmo Koei will handle for other regions. And the rumors of the emergence of the Wii U version for this game, until now both publishers and developers still do not provide feedback on it....

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Torchlight 2 First Impression And Little Preview

Hallow gamers, how you doin? This time, i will write about Torchlight 2 which already release on 20 September, 2012. Torchlight 2 developed by Runic Games. Name Runic Games and Torchlight are probably still unfamiliar to some gamers today. For those of you who are not know, Runic Games is a developer from Blizzard fraction established since 2008 ago and its focused to develop an action-RPG franchise games with isometric camera – Torchlight. The Torchlight series originally achieved tremendous success and had even seen as the best competitor for Diablo that comes with the  similar genre and gameplay. Now, after waiting long enough, Runic Games has finally released the second installment of this franchise – Torchlight 2! A series which claims that will come more perfect. Game Torchlight from Runic Games is often compared to the series of games made by Blizzard, Diablo. Not only the similar appearance and gameplay, it was even has the same designer, Max Shaefer, who now serves as CEO of Runic. Shaefer, along with his brother, Erich previously worked as a designer for Diablo and Diablo II. Once they out from Blizzard, they form Runic Games. In an interview with Joystiq, Schaefer said that Torchlight 2 has a range of features that will be able to compete with Diablo III. But Schaefer said that the most important thing is the release date of Torchlight 2. Schaefer said that Diablo...

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