Étiquette : Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Land For Wii U Review

Six years ago, Nintendo released the Wii in conjunction with the Wii Sports game that serves as a game that introduces the uniqueness of their consoles. For the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo took the same steps as before. Nintendo introduced the unique Wii U GamePad to Nintendo Land. For the introduction of their new console, Nintendo invites players to Nintendo Land, a theme park with rides themed  from the familiar Nintendo IP. The first impression it looks like a collection of mini-games, but it’s not like that. The time it takes to play each attraction can take quite a long time. In Nintendo Land there are 12 rides to play. Vehicles are divided into three kinds of categories: Team Attractions, Competitive Attractions, and Solo Attractions. Attractions in Team players will bet cooperate and can be played 1-5 players, the players will be opposite Competitive Attractions and can be played 2-5 people, and can be played Solo Attractions alone. Unfortunately most numerous rides in Solo Attractions, there are six rides. Quite a shame because it’s the same as Nintendo’s Land theme park in general, more fun to play together. Each vehicle of Nintendo Land rides offers a gameplay that is very different. Naturally, this game is intended to show off the capabilities of GamePad. Almost all rides show a different view on the TV screen and a  GamePad screen, especially in Team and Competitive Attractions...

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Nintendo TVii Finally Available For Wii U

There was already a month old Wii U appeared in our midst now the Nintendo TVii appear. In terms of popularity, the engine is sufficient and its appeal is also very unusual. But unfortunately in terms of consoles, there are still many shortcomings to be fixed by Nintendo. One example is the massive update that must be passed by all the gamers before they can use the machine. Unfortunately, this update can also be said to be the biggest hurdle for gamers who was on the scene with a weak internet connection. Because, if until the update is interrupted in the middle, then congratulations! Your Wii U will be broken and useful as your ornament. After the massive update it passed, then you can feel calm. But when you started using it, you all probably realized that there are many features that had initially been promised by Nintendo, but it still has not been included here. Well, to answer a big question about where are those features, Nintendo finally started to give an answer in the form of new updates. Update is the first Nintendo TVii, a feature that you can already download in the near future! For those of you who do not know what a Nintendo TVii, this is a free feature that has been integrated into the Wii U with a function to collect all television...

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Nintendo TVii for the New Wii U

After Nintendo announcing the release date and price of the Wii U, at a special event recently, Nintendo also revealed Nintendo TVii. A new mode using the Wii U GamePad to navigate TV, DVR recording and online video service, including the touchscreen function remote that can control the cable box, DVR and TV directly to set up a list of favorite channels for each access to the menu. Buy it now on Amazon Nintendo TVii offer personalized guide program that displays content on Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, DVR and live TV. This experience will be very personal, as any user can log in with their own Mii avatar. With Nintendo TVii, users can watch their own favorite shows which are available on streaming video and live event. Users can also control the TiVo DVR and watch movie trailers on Wii U GamePad. Sport events can also be enjoyed with a scorecard in the main menu and other details are available by browsing individual game. Favorite menu will show all of your favorite shows and movies that are currently available on TV or streaming services. Nintendo TVii is integrated with social networking augmented with features for some content. In addition, users can also capture special moments during a live TV show takes place, allowing to participate in online communication through different service on the GamePad. When you finish...

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