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Xbox 8 Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Microsoft is rumored to release a new version of its popular Xbox 360 console at some point within the next year. Most people would expect the name of the console is Xbox 720. Forget the Durango or Xbox 720  or any of the other names that is rumored to be the next console name, the rumor mill is already given this  Microsoft’s next console a name. Word on the street today is that the next Xbox will be called Xbox 8 or maybe more likely the Xbox Infinity. A 56-page document from Microsoft was leaked last month. Dating back to mid-2010, what is inside the document is about plans for an “Xbox 720″ that uses the new Xbox SmartGlass system and also new hardware for its Kinect motion-recognition system. Some people also guess that “Xbox 8” could be software. Windows 8 promises to be a the next microsoft operating system that will marry PCs with tablets and smartphones. It stands to reason that the Xbox will be included and “Xbox 8″ would make sense in this regard. But Of course, Xbox 8 is creating a  fantasy of a new console and that is more exciting. “XBox 8? Didn’t know the XBox 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 came out,” one Twitter user wrote. Alas, says gaming site Joystiq: “It’s tempting to suspect Microsoft is eyeing ‘Xbox 8′ as the next console name...

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Xbox Live Streaming on Microsoft Tablet

Microsoft is always widely believed to be unveiling their first tablet later, and now comes word that it could be made in the conjunction with the bookseller Barnes & Noble, now with a focus on Xbox Live streaming . Many sources have told TechCrunch that the microsoft tablet will be announced in conjunction with Barnes & Noble. B&N and Microsoft also announced a “strategic partnership” in April, and that is with the  $300m that Microsoft is investing  into the joint business it dubbed “Newco”. The tablet might be the result of that joint venture, though realistically two months time isn’t long to make a tablet. And the chances are that Microsoft was working on it for long time before that, and they were  looking for someone to partner with rather than going with it alone. If Barnes & Noble is on board, expect an emphasis on ebooks. So the Amazon Kindle Fire might have some serious competition. Xbox Live streaming And further more in this matter another source says the tablet will be the first to come to be packed with  Xbox Live streaming, so this could be a real media powerhouse. The announcement is due to be made in Los Angeles, so there’s only a few hours to wait to find out for sure. The tablet is generally expected to run Windows 8, the Microsoft’s operating system that’s is to be...

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Xbox 720 Rumors Release Date, Graphics, Controllers and Games

It would be  no surprise if the Xbox 720 – if it is would to be called that – will be launch in time for Christmas 2013. And also with the increasing numbers of new rumours, reports and also leaks, we think an official revelation from Microsoft cannot be that too far away. So what is exactly that we can expect from the Xbox 720 and  finally when it is revealed by Microsoft, and when will it finally hit the market? Xbox 720 will pack AMD graphics and CPU? If the next Xbox is going to be as popular and as last as long as previous version or the Xbox 360 – and hopefully without the  appalling hardware failures which hurt its early days – well it’s surely would need some reliable and powerful components. The latest rumours suggest that the console will include a revision of AMD’s powered 7000 series graphics, which is based on its Southern Islands tech’s 28nm Graphics Core Next (GCN) . An anonymous sources are being quoted on VG247 as stating that the graphics setup in the Xbox 720 will be “like two PCs strapped altogether” which sounds like sandwich to us. and what does that even mean? The same sources say that the two GPUs in the Xbox 720 “aren’t structured as they are in a normal dual PC set-up,” with each chip working separately to draw different items simultaneously....

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