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FIFA 13 For iOS Review

As we know that the continuation of the FIFA series from EA Sport for iOS has been released last week. If you’ve played FIFA 12 previously, you would have been familiar with this game and already know how exciting this game. But I think both who have played the previous version and that has never been tried at all, obliged to have FIFA 13 For iOS because the sequel is equipped with new features that will make the gameplay more exciting and lead to addiction. What are the new features? When I see a game on the App Store, which I first spotlight is a screenshot, and then whether the games are universal or not(for iPhone & iPad), the name of the last game developers and game size itself. The difference is visible from the four categories that I mentioned just now between FIFA 12 and FIFA 13 for iOS. First, this latest sequel was made for both iPhone and iPad. Meanwhile, the second difference is that the total size game swelled to 1.35 GB. This size would bigger among other mobile games. In this review, I will not focus on how to play the game but will more specifically discuss what the differences are provided in FIFA 13 for iOS. If you’ve never played this game, do not worry because it provided a very comprehensive tutorial and can...

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Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough

After reading the Dooors Level 1-10 Walkthrough, you might decide to go all the way and want to read the Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough as well. Well, although this kind of game is more satisfying while you are able to complete it by your own ability, it never hurts to see some guidance in case you are stuck in some level. Talking about this Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough, the levels after 10 first levels of Dooors is definitely getting harder and harder each time. So, to help you complete each level from Levl 11 to Level 20, here is the Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough: Dooors Level 11 – Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough You need to put the red knob in the hole that located above the door in the middle, and then simply tap the door Dooors Level 12 – Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough First, match up the circles with the symbols on the card. You must be notice that some of the cards are upside down, meaning that you need to use the opposite color Dooors Level 13 – Dooors Level 11-20 Walkthrough To unlock the door, tilt your device back and forth. Then, open the door only to find that there is a spider web. To get rid of the web, burn it with the flaming stick that you can get from the left fire Dooors Level...

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Dooors Level 1-10 Walkthrough

For you who are looking for Dooors Level 1-10 Walkthrough, then you come to the right place as in this article, you will find Dooors Level 1-10 Walkthrough as well as step by step guidance to complete each level of Dooors iOS game from level 1 until level 10. For information, Dooors is a room-escape game that requires you to solve the mysteries and puzzle in order to open each door in each level and finally escape the room. This game is released only for iOS devices, including for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, which offering a total of 35 stages as well as a couple of mini games. So, without further ado, here is the Dooors Level 1-10 Walkthrough: Dooors Level 1 – Dooors Level 1-10 Walkthrough In this beginning of the game, all you need to do is simply tap the door to open it. This level also is act as introduction of the gameplay for beginner. Dooors Level 2 – Dooors Level 1-10 Walkthrough Although getting more difficult, but this second level is not too hard as you only need to tilt your iPhone, iPod, or iPad left to roll the ball and finally open the door. This level, as many next levels will make use of accelerometer sensor of the iDevices, you better remember that Dooors Level 3 – Dooors Level 1-10 Walkthrough To complete...

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