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Diablo 3 Dupe Hack Tutorial (100% Undetected)

Probably ther most popular hack in Diablo is the Diablo 3 dupe hack that allows you to make copies of your favorite items. Its not like  in Diablo 2, where duplicated items had a chance to disappear in public games because false identification of the game, this dupe hack creates a truly unique copy of the item, and the  game identifies it as legitimate and will never disappear. Please read the instructions carefully in order to get the diablo 3 dupe hack to function. Changelog: 0.1: First release build for Diablo 3 Beta. Allows duping of consumable items only. 0.2: Second release build for the Beta. Allows you to dupe weapons and armor. 1.0: Release for retail version. Diablo 3 Dupe Hack Instructions: 1. Start  Diablo 3 directly from  its executable file. DO NOT USE THE LAUNCHER. IF YOU USE THE DIABLO 3 LAUNCHER THE DIABLO 3 DUPE HACK WILL NOT WORK. 2. Once it has launched, minimize it, and then open the hack: D3DupeHack.exe. The Diablo 3 dupe hack will begin to initialize, this should generally only take a few seconds. If Diablo 3 has been recently patched it may take longer. Once you see the “Diablo 3 Detected” message click back into Diablo 3. 3. Start a game with any character. Once inside the world, minimize Diablo 3 once again. 4. In the dupe hack window click...

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Minecraft Mod Hack Slash Mine – RPG on Your Minecraft

The awesome moment when you playing RPG game on your beloved minecraft together with your friend. Minecraft is not an RPG game, but actually someone has made the game into RPG. Philip Guin develop Minecraft Mod Hack Slash Mine, making minecraft into RPG! The gameplay itself is quite awesome, like the other RPG, but with Minecraft style. What’s more, the game support multiplayer, or i can say, is a multiplayer game. You’re supposed to travel, entering dungeon and fighting monster cooperating with your friend. So, let’s discuss about Minecraft Mod Hack Slash Mine here ^^ Minecraft Mod Hack Slash Mine Imagine, you’re traveling by three or four people to some random dungeon. Suddenly a monster attack you. You’re fleeing, seperated from your friend. Somehow you are the one chased by the monster. While you’re desperately defending against the monster’s attack, one of your friend come from nowhere and start firing multiple arrow to the monster. And couple of time after that, your other friend come and cast a spell on the monster and finally three of you are able to defeat the monster. And that all happen on minecraft. Yeah, Minecraft mod hack slash mine make your imagination become reality. This minecraft mod hack slash mine is recently become popular among the minecraft player, not only for the gameplay that is exciting, also the needs of teamwork to complete...

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