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Citadel Missions Walktrough In Mass Effect 3

Citadel Missions Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Aria In citadel missions, you can find Aria in the Purgatory. She will ask you to collect the three; Blood Pack, Blood Suns and Eclipse. Depending upon your decisions with Zaeed in Mass Effect 2, there can be slight variation in this side quest. Head to the Embassies first through the apartment area for Eclipse. Meet Bailey but forcing him won’t do any good. You need to head to C-SEC office in the Commons and deal with the subject yourself. She can be agreed to join your cause for Renegade points so you have to make sure that you do that (This way you can take over the Eclipse). For the Blue sons, you need to move to the holding area at Cargo Hold A. The person you see, there will ask you to take care of Oraka in the commons. Talk to the general and decide what you want to do next. Either choose the Renegade path or just  select Paragon and find a new weapons source. Kannik in the market will agree to render you with the weapons, but you will have to give him an artifact in return. Head to planet Vana, in Vular system and then Kite’s Nest Cluster to find the artifact. This will convince Oraka to leave the blue sons alone. When you have all three groups,...

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Rubick Strategy Guide

Rubick is new hero of 6.72 version. Unlike what most of players think so far, he is neither too strong, nor too weak. His powerfull spells are countered by his low health points and complexity. He is a great ganker, and Rubick has more spells than invoker, and in team battles, Rubick has great AoE presence, from protecting teammates of spells, to damaging and stunning enemies, so his items will naturally be focused there. Rubick Skill Build:This is the best build for Rubick, and it goes: 1. Telekenesis 2. Fade Bolt 3. Fade Bolt 4. Telekenesis 5. Fade Bolt 6. Spell Steal 7. Fade Bolt 8. Telekenesis 9. Telekenesis 10. Null Field 11. Spell Steal 12. Null Field 13. Null Field 14. Null Field 15. Stats 16. Spell Steal 17-25. Stats Telekenesis is taken first to prevent FB atempts. Rubick is not good for taking FB, so dont try it, you will end up at half health or dead. Then we max Bolt, for damage purpose, it is spammable and is more usefull than little prolonged stun. And then after that, Telekenesis, and Null field in end. Spell Steal is taken whenever possible, for obvious reasons. Stats are maxed last.There are few variations, like taking stats instead of null field if enemy has physical DPS team, and no spellcasters. Also, you can consider taking Null field instead of Telekenesis...

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Swordigo Walkthrough Part 1 – Helping You on Swordigo

Swordigo is a RPG platform adventure which adopt a hack and slash system on your iPhone or iPad. The game is actually a nostalgic games to the old times, with a freshen looks and features, as stated by the game developer Touch Foo. Today, I want to write a Swordigo Walkthrough for you, if by any chance you have difficulties in some part of the game. Scroll down and enjoy! Swordigo Walkthrough First on Swordigo Walkthrough I want to describe about the movement key. Use left and right to move, the bottom right button to jump, and the other two button to hack and slash. You can tap the arrow button to move faster. Press the jump longer for higher jump, and tap it to do a double jump. That’s the basic, going to the storyline. Find Master in the woods – Swordigo Walkthrough You will start your journey on Cairnwood Village, in your room. Leave your room until you find your neighbor, talk with your neighbor and you will learn that your master is lost in the woods. A new mission will be added: find master in the woods. Proceed to the forest by climbing the steps on your right. At the top of the steps, jump to the platform on your left, and enter theh Cairnwood Forest. Once there, you’ll encounter spiders, which you must kill with...

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Runescape Runespan – Little Guide of Runespan

Runescape Runespan is one of the newest update released on 30 April 2012. Runescape Runespan is actually a realm filled with magical creature and nodes. Upon traveling the realm you are able to collect rune and essence from creatures that are roaming in the area, and from the nodes. The rune you collected will then get converted by the Wizards Guild (they’re telling that Runespan is in their territory -_-) and you will get points which is used to increase Runecrafting equipment. Here i want to give you a quick quide about Runescape Runespan. Runescape Runespan Prequisite 33 Runecrafting for level 2 66 Runecrafting for level 3 95 Runecrafting (recommended) How to start runescape runespan? First walk to the wizards guild, and head to the second floor. There will be a portal and you may step into it. Choose between higher or lower levels. After choosing one, you will be teleported into the center of Runescape Runespan, where Wizard Finix is currently there. He will give you a short tutorial about Runescape Runespan. Runescape Runespan consist of 3 floors. For free players, they can only access 1st floor and half of 2nd floor, but if you’re members, you can access all the floor. To travel from the first floor to the second, is by climbing the vine ladder in the west area. And to access the last floor is...

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Skyrim Marriage – Live Your Skyrim With Your Couple

For you who haven’t know yet, Marriage is possible in Skyrim! It must be fun right, after doing so much hardcore job across skyrim, and now it’s time to do some love love thing by a Skyrim marriage. It will be some extra achievement for you if you’re able to marry one of the lovely npc you like. So how’s Skyrim marriage work? And how to do Skyrim marriage thing? I will tell you down here. Skyrim Marriage There are several things you must do to trigger a Skyrim marriage. First is to get Amulet of Mara. To get amulet of mara for skyrim marriage, you can do this thing: Buy it from Maramel for 200 gold. Maramel can be found either at the Bee and Bard or the Temple of Mara in Riften. This is the easiest to get the amulet. Looted from Kematu located in Swindler’s Den You can found one in a tent on a beach North of Dawnstar There’s one in a chest at the beginning of the main quest line in Break Falls Barrow Random loot during The Book of Love quest by Dinya Balu in Riften A chance that the amulet will be in a chest at the final room of Reachcliff Cave After obtaining the amulet of mara for Skyrim marriage, you can get some npc that you wanted to marry if...

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Tribes Ascend Guide – Sentinel, the Sniper of Death

The tribes ascend guide is based on me using Sentinel so far, there will be diffrent opinion from other people, but i will write in my point of view. Hey guys, back with me and my recently-found crush Tribes Ascend. Today, i’ll give you some Tribes Ascend Guide. And what are we going to discuss today, is SENTINEL. Yep, one of the light class character which is somehow being rejected by much of players. But soon as you finished reading Tribes Ascend Guide, you’ll realized that this class can be dangerous, even without being in sight. Let’s go with Tribes Ascend guide – Sentinel Tribes Ascend Guide Sentinel My objective of this tribes ascend guide is to inform you about Sentinel. I read on peoples comment on several site that this class is crappy. Hell, Sentinel is awesome for me! Becoming the light class doesn’t mean that this class is easy to kill. Okay, let me tell you what is in this class for Tribes Ascend Guide Specification Armor Type : Light Health : 800 (900 with perk) Energy : 90 (100 with armor upgrade) Primary Weapon : BXT 1 Rifle (default), Phase Rifle Secondary Weapon : Nova Blaster (default), Falcon Pistol Belt : Claymore Mine (default), T5 Grenade Pack : Recharge Pack (default), Drop Jammer Price : 160G or 7200 EXP So why did i insist that this...

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The Witcher 2 – Romance (S*x) Guide

The Witcher 2 is a game that contains some sex sequences which  can be accessed trough some quest. So, it’s a mature game What i mean as sex, is, really sex! Not just sex in sound or just the begining, but real actual s*x! So, beware of some boobies To get the scene you want, you must choose the correct choice, so it’s quite tricky. Here’s how you get the scene on The Witcher 2. The Witcher 2 Sex With Triss – The Witcher 2 The first sex scene you will encounter is with Triss. The chance to get the scene is on Roses of Memory, in which you must retrieve Roses of Memory from nearby elven ruins so Triss can make potion from it. After retrieving the flower from the ruins, bring it to Triss and she will create a potion that bring back your memory. Actually, there are 2 ways to retrieve the flower: go alone or accomanied with Triss. If you want to get the scene, go with Triss Try to avoid enemies and trap as you travel through the forest with Triss. Upon arriving at a point by the waterfall, Triss will point the ruins where the flower is at. Go there, and retrieve the flower. After retrieving the flower suddenly you will be attacked by the Elven Thugs. When you’re fighting, the ground breaks and you’re...

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Tribes : Ascend – Beginner’s Guide

Tribes : Ascend is part of the Tribes franchise, a free-to-play multiplayer only FPS. Thanks to the developer : Hi-Rez Studios for bringing this great games in PC, now we can enjoy the game which is released on April 12, 2012. And now i want to give you some beginner’s guide, about how to play the Tribes : Ascend. Here we go! ————————————————————————————————- Here’s some video and official site to download the game : Tribes : Ascend ————————————————————————————————- Tribes : Ascend Controls on Tribes : Ascend Tribes : Ascend is a PC exclusive games. So, keyboard and mouse are a must The basic control of Tribes : Ascend is WSAD, the same as the usual FPS game. W is forward, S for backward, and A & D will strafe you left and right. The mouse function is to rotate the direction you’re facing. Left Mouse Button fires your weapon, while Right Mouse Button activates your jetpack. Space Bar activates your skis, and you must hold down the space to activate it. Q button switches to your primary or secondary weapon. Tab shows scoreboard, E for melee weapon, R for reload, F for grenade / place your equipment. C for activating your equipment. G will access repair gun dispenser. O will toggle identifications for the location of your teams. Shift is for scoping your vision to where you’re currently looking...

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Hack Run Walkthrough

Introduction Ever dream to be a hacker? Apple has the solution. Hack Run is a game that makes you a hacker. Yup, using ‘old-school’ command prompts (UNIX for example), it generates an simulate a real operating system. The command it used is also the same as the real operating system. Hack Run Walkthrough The real objective of the game is to learn about the organization and people who work there. You’ll have to check the data on the system to figure out the motive of the organization, and how evil their plan is. Some of you maybe doesn’t event know anything about programming, and a lot of Hack Run walkthrough site have provided some cheat or answer for each level Hack Run has. Here, i’ll try to give you the real walkthrough so you can complete each level by following my guide, not just typing the answer. Let’s getting started. Hack Run Walkthrough Level 0 – Hack Run Walkthrough Just simply accept the offer and you’re completed the level 1 Level 1 – Hack Run Walkthrough Tap ‘Begin Your Run’ and your done Level 2 – Hack Run Walkthrough Type help, and your done with level 3 Level 3 – Hack Run Walkthrough You’re supposed to write file contents, so type “type readme” and off you go to level 5 Level 4 – Hack Run Walkthrough You can read that you’re supposed...

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