Étiquette : Dishonored

Dunwall City Trials : New DLC For Dishonored

Studio developer Bethesda announced three aliases downloads Downloadable Content Content (DLC) latest video game Dishonored, Thursday (25/10). All three will be released sequentially from December. The first DLC titled Dunwall City Trials. This content presents ten additional maps. Players will be tested on a variety of skills to fight, sneak and acrobatics in tall buildings. Additional second is scheduled for summer 2013. There is a new mission that involves a group of supernatural assassins called The Whalers, led by a character named David. Choices made by players in the DLC was a big influence on the end or ending story. The third series followed a few months later. Bethesda has not been willing to tell any information related to this Dunwall City Trials DLC. Having announced in late October, with Arkane Studios Bethesda has finally set a release date of the DLC titled debut Dishonored Dunwall City Trials. Appreciated $ 4.99, the owner of PS3, Xbox 360, and PC was able to buy it starting December 11. This Dunwall City Trials consists of 10 maps that will test the ability of fighting, hide and your movement in arena battles against waves of enemies, assassination missions, and a race against time. Although initially there were skeptics with a concept but stealth-action first-person zoom, but Dishonored prove if a new prescription must be sampled first before getting a judgment. Game is getting the...

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Dishonored Hands On Impressions

Dishonored is one of the Arkane Studios’ original property – the game brings together the creative developers from Deus Ex, Thief, BioShock and Half-Life – and it is no doubt that Dishonored was one of the hot commodities that is heading into E3. As seen in the guided demo of Dishonored that is showcasing different approaches in the gameplay- you can choose between stealth  approach and you can choose to play in action approach, and in this case – players have at their disposal, and then played another level to put the game developer Arkane Studio’s promise that will give the player freedom to the test. And after experiencing all of that, it’s safe to say Dishonored is heading on the right track, and this game is should be on your radar when it comes out this fall. The Steam Punk Theme of the world in Dishonored takes place within the intriguing context of the alternative Industrial Revolution or the Neo-Victorian-inspired city of Dunwall, whichever you prefer. But no need to say that the world of Dishonoured is not in a period that is typically explored in games, which effects the player to be more eager and immediately jump into game’s protagonist Corvo Atano’s mysterious world. Beyond that introductory note, the demo didn’t delve into Dishonored’s narrative too much, but instead the demo of Dishonored is focusing on the various powers, gameplay and options that each mission presents....

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