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Earth DLC Mass Effect 3 Leaked Info and Date

The Earth DLC is rumored to be available for Mass Effect 3 and it is apparently just a few days away. Major Nelson also revealed that the multiplayer add-on will hit Xbox Live on July 17th for free. Earth DLC New Character and Weapons The Earth DLC  information was detailed by an anonymous tipster in early June. The DLC said to have three new co-op maps and it take place in Vancouver, Rio and London. You will have access to six new human character types  and those characters are: Destroyer   Paladin Demolisher Slayer Shadow and Fury And In the Earth DLC, players will also have access to three weapons Acolyte pistol, Pirahna assault shotgun  and Typhon light machine gun. BioWare hasn’t officially give confirmation regarding this information, so these information is still might not be totally accurate. And also announced in related news, The game’s developer BioWare announced that they are hosting another special online multiplayer event for Mass Effect 3 this weekend. It is called the Operation Broadside and it will task players with winning a match against the Reapers on Gold difficulty. And additionally the wider player community is tasked with finishing 400,000 matches against Reapers on any difficulty. Players will get some  reward packs for achieving both goals. Beside thats the community goal will also increase the medi-gel cap for the participating players  from 5 to 6. And...

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Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide

Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide Bioware done an amazing  job creating and managing the ripple effects of your decisions. And your romance choices are certainly no exception. Depending on who your Shepard was close to in the first two series, now you can choose to continue a romantic relationship or maybe just start a new one. Even those who haven’t played ME1 or ME2 can surely find love in ME3, though sadly, two characters will be off the table: Tali and Garrus can only be romanced by a returning love interest. Ashley Mass Effect 3 Romance Guide Prerequisite: She must survive the events of ME1. After the early events of the game, Ashley will spend time in the Huerta Memorial Hospital. Visit her between missions, choosing Paragon responses (Upper!) to show her interest. Old romances from ME1 can be rekindled, or new Male Shepards can start fresh. During the early conversations before her injury, make sure to choose the Paragon options as well. Even when she’s unconscious in the Citadel, visit her and offer some kind words anyway. While there, you can purchase a special item, a Tennyson Collection, at the store terminal in the hospital lobby. You may have to wait until she’s awake to purchase and gift the special item. Visit her; during your first trip to the Citadel, after the mission on Palaven, and a third time...

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GX12 Thermal Pipe Walktrough and Double Rewards Glitch

GX12 Thermal Pipe Mission Chief Engineer Adams has requested a GX12 Thermal Pipe to make the Normandy’s engines safer. Find one on the Citadel and deliver it to him. Acquisition Edit Speak to Adams at the Normandy’s engineering deck. However, if you have taken Dr. Karin Chakwas onboard as your medical officer, after you complete the mission Priority: Sur’Kesh, Mordin Solus and Eve will occupy the medical office and Adams and Chakwas will be engaged in a conversation in the crew quarters. Upon completion of Priority: Tuchanka mission, both will return to their stations and you can speak to Adams after that. Alternatively, Adams will request to speak with you after completing N7: Cerberus Abductions before completing Priority: Tuchanka. Walkthrough Here’s a quick tip on how and where to find the GX12 Thermal Pipe at the Citadel. Journal Mission Entry: Chief Engineer Adams has requested a thermal pipe to make the Normandy’s engines safer. Find one on the Citadel and deliver it to him. Steps: Go to the Presidium Commons and head to the Bank (marked as 1 on the map) Go to the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies kiosk and purchase the E-Gel Thermal Conduit for 1000 credits. Talk to Chief Engineer Adams to confirm delivery and the next conversation will result in completion of the mission. Want more from Mass Effect 3? Go to the Citadel and purchase the...

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