Swordigo is a RPG platform adventure which adopt a hack and slash system on your iPhone or iPad. The game is actually a nostalgic games to the old times, with a freshen looks and features, as stated by the game developer Touch Foo. Today, I want to write a Swordigo Walkthrough for you, if by any chance you have difficulties in some part of the game. Scroll down and enjoy!

Swordigo Walkthrough

First on Swordigo Walkthrough I want to describe about the movement key. Use left and right to move, the bottom right button to jump, and the other two button to hack and slash. You can tap the arrow button to move faster. Press the jump longer for higher jump, and tap it to do a double jump. That’s the basic, going to the storyline.

Find Master in the woods – Swordigo Walkthrough

You will start your journey on Cairnwood Village, in your room. Leave your room until you find your neighbor, talk with your neighbor and you will learn that your master is lost in the woods. A new mission will be added: find master in the woods. Proceed to the forest by climbing the steps on your right. At the top of the steps, jump to the platform on your left, and enter theh Cairnwood Forest. Once there, you’ll encounter spiders, which you must kill with your sword. On your way you’ll find a sign that tells you to jump higher. Jump, and you’ll find the first treasure directly above it. Press hold button to collect the treasure. Continue left, only to find your master has been killed by the Corruptors. You can’t kill it right now, and as you try to kill it you will fail and be sent back to the healer on Cairnwood Village

Find the legendary weapon  – Swordigo Walkthrough

You’ll talk to the elder on the healer. After a quick chat with the elder, He will give you the next quest: find the legendary weapon. Travel to Cairnwood Forest again, and once you find a bridge, stop at the beginning of it and jump to the upper right platform. Follow the path to the right (2nd level of Cairnwood village) where you’ll find a dusty hut. Enter the hut and you will find what you’re looking for inside. Don’t forget to break the jar inside the hut because they might have some soul shards or health in it. Now get out from the hut and proceed right to The Plains on the right of the village. Once you enter The Plains, move right and you’ll see four jars holding up the upper platform. Destroy it to find a bigger space with bush beetle and your treasure. Kill the enemy and claim your treasure. Now move through the upper platform and at the end of it get down left to enter small cave with your next treasure in it. Claim it and back on your track. Move right and go to the upper platform, and move to the next area which is the background of your current area. You’ll find a treasure in this area. Claim it. Back to the previous area, and now move to the lower part and move to the next area. The next area’s name is still the same, The Plains. Move right, you’ll see a portal. This portal can be used to travel back to the village, vice versa. Continue to the right, and enter the hut in the upper platform. Talk to the Ferrymen in the upper floor, and he’ll instruct you to go to the castle to retrieve a vase. Move to left and jump to the upper platform to find the castle. Now enter ^^

Recover the Vase – Swordigo Walkthrough

Once inside the castle, simply move right to enter a room with a Corruptor in it. His main ability is dash, I thing. Jump to avoid it, and once you get a chance use your magic bolt and quickly attack him. It’s quite easy once you have cornered it as he will be unable to move. After killing it, carry the vase on the same room back to the Ferrymen. The ferrymen will then operate the raft so you can cross the bridge. Cross the bridge and enter the next section, which is the second part of this area. First after moving to the next section, there’s a treasure in the top of the castle. In this area you are facing some cannonball-like attack and you’re suppose