Some will probably remember, the kind of game we used to play on our younger days. Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc. Touch Foo brilliantly brought back those memories in a package called Swordigo. The game offers much more than you’ve expected for iPhone and iPad game: good implementation of hack-n-slash, cool boss battle, character leveling, spells, combat, a lot to explore. Even the genre, RPG platform adventure, had passed its glorious days, Swordigo still has something in it.


After the impressive Soosiz, Touch Foo once again surprised the gaming world after releasing Swordigo. Who will expect the old-schooled concept, rare in nowadays games? Touch Foo manage to create an outstanding job building Swordigo to be refreshing, even the game genre was outdated.

The on screen control of swordigo, which also being used by the other games for this type of game, surprisingly functioning very well. Usually you’ll get some error in movement, by having the hand out of place etc, but with only 2 arrow key for your left finger to manage, the left button and right button (which is a BIG button) and three hack-slash-jump button for your right finger, the control feels so comfortable, and very responsive throughout the game.

Swordigo has a very rock-solid storyline, roughly 8 hours needed to complete the main quest. Well, actually you’ll gonna need to spend a couple more hour if you want to collect all treasures. And within the 8 hours of gameplay, you’ll get much fun or nostalgic event, as you will play the blue hair and green jerkin character throughout the game. Each enemies you killed along the way will gain you experience, which can be spent to strengthen your character when your level is up. At first Swordigo may look boring, but after unlocking spells, the game are getting more challenging than before, as you need to learn to use the combination of maximum 4 magic spells.

Still the graphic of Swordigo isn’t quite oustanding, although can be tolerated because of its solid gameplay. The combat mode when using sword looks so old-school as it swings in pattern while slashing the enemy in front of him. A little bit frustrating seeing that the enemies can exploit the weakness of our character, and doing it a lot of time. Thanks god, you can’t hardly die. Well, it’s your game isn’t it? Once you sadly run out of health, you’ll be teleported back to the previous checkpoint. You can also teleport from one each point to the others , making it easier for you to do some restocking on the town, etc.

Touch Foo manage to create a game pleasing enough in the graphic, as they already shown in the previous Soozis. You’ll be brought as you play the game in your old GBA console (which now can be replaced by phone with some modification ). You are also able to upgrade your weapon to help raising the strength of your character. Somehow the way Swordigo is packed really gives much attraction to people who play the games. Almost 8 hours required to completely done all the main quest, and now for the other quest Chris asked you to swim with her.

So, Swordigo actually stoles a lot of gamers, as Swordigo can be obtained only for  1.99$. How the game is unique, and the control are nice and easy to navigate. Yeah, the game has collect its huge fans of him, seeing that it’s a iOS game. How nostalgic it is, and the fun you’ll get, you’ll find it on Swordigo!