Hi there… whether you are nords or Redguards or even just want to be look cool in a full pledged Skyrim vampire. Then Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will satisfied your thirst of blood. Its the fifth release of the elder scrolls series but its more captivating and more heart throbbing adventure still can be experienced in the beauty of a the new realm called Skyrim

Skyrim Vampire

Skyrim Vampire

In the magical world of Skyrim, players have the option to choose to be a Skyrim vampire, although its not easy to be a Skyrim vampire, there are consequences that eventually will come to you as a Skyrim vampire, the nocturnal creatures of the darkness.

In order to be a Skyrim vampire you have to get contracted by the disease. The disease is called Sanguinare Vampiris. The best way to become a vampire is through ‘fighting’ vampires. In order to become a vampire is to have one just beat on you until you contract the disease which starts the chain of events.

Once contracted, you have 3 days or 72 hours until you become a full vampire. If you don’t desire to be a Skyrim vampire, you can cure this disease like you would do on any other disease – restoration magic, cure disease potion, or praying to the right god. If you DO want to become a vampire,just wait it out or simply just sleep.

Once the 3 days period is over, you become a Skyrim vampire and no longer someone with the Sanguinare Vampiris disease. And its means that you are no longer diseased and it can no longer be cured like a common disease. After the 3 days period and you become a Vampire, it is far more difficult to remove than Sanguinare Vampiris is or vampire disease. So before you decide to be vampire, please keep that in mind.

Playing as a Skyrim vampire becomes a tricky thing. The longer time you went without blood, the weaker you become in certain aspects; fire inflicts a greater damage to you and your health, magicka and stamina totals all become weaker and also stop regenerating when you step into the sunlight.

And in order to feed, you will need to find a sleeping human. You can find them best in Inns and faction headquarters, as also guard barracks and other big structures that house with more people living in it. Get close to your sleeping target and activate to feast on their blood.

Curing for vampirism is no easy job. But don’t worry, in Skyrim you have the option of trading it for another disease, Lycanthropy, but a total cure is possible, only with the help of a Morthal mage named Falion. You wil have to visit him to take on a quest that involves finding a Black Soul Gem and filling it with souls. The thing that make Black Soul Gem is special over others is that they can only seals and contains human souls. Keep that in mind; you’ll need to take a life of someone else to get rid yourself of vampirism. Unless, if you’re a Dark Brotherhood assassin and already got used to quests to kill other human, then its not such a big deal. So Good luck on your quest as a Skyrim vampire.