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You are blessed as Dragonborn, yet you want to be thief. Who cares, you are what you want to be, right? So, if you are too lazy to do the skyrim thieves guild main quest, and are willing to wander around and doing the side quest, you are in the right place. Here, I’d like to present to you, the skyrim thieves guild side jobs!

Skyrim Thieves Guild Side Jobs

Skyrim Thieves Guild

Small Jobs – Skyrim Thieves Guild side jobs

Well, you can get Skyrim thieves guild jobs from Delvin and Vex. They will give you “target” which you must steal items from them and the location are generated randomly. Each of skyrim thieves guild mission will give you 100 to 500, and after completing 5 small jobs, a special jobs will be unlocked. You are not supposed to kill those who are crucial to the job, else your job will results in failure.

Vex’s Jobs – Skyrim Thieves Guild side jobs

The Burlgary Jobs
Your objective on this Skyrim Thieves Guild side job is to do some burglary thing. Steal an item from a house, preferably around 7:30 PM as there’s not much people either home or on the street. You can breach into the house easily when the owner either sleeps or is at work.

The Heist Jobs
Similar to Burglary, but this one is stealing from a shop. Breach the shop during the night, when the owner enjoying his wet dream. Stealing on daylight, bad move.

The Shill Jobs
Easier than burglary. Your job is to do some trespassing to one’s house, and plant a stolen item on their house.

The Sweep Jobs
Now, Burglary requires you to steal one, Sweep requires three.

Delvin Mallory’s Jobs - Skyrim Thieves Guild side jobs

The Bedlam Job
You must steal a certain amount of item or gold within the assigned Hold. There’s a trick that if you stole one expensive item, bring it to secluded location, drop it and picking it up a few times. Each time the item is picked up, it counts as theft.

The Fishing Job
Requires you to pickpocket item from NPC. It has a higher chance of success than normal pickpocketing, great for training the pickpocket skill. Save before pickpocketing to avoid being caught.

The Numbers Job
Modify the ledger boog at a given business. Near a ledger book you’ll sometimes find a business’s safe box which contains around 250 coins.

City Influence Quests (Special Jobs) – Skyrim Thieves Guild side jobs

After completing at least five jobs of Skyrim Thieves Guild side quest above, Delvin Mallory will offer a special job for you. The job is to restore Skyrim Thieves Guild influence in that city. Actually city influence is required to complete Under New Management quest (main Skyrim Thieves Guild Quest).

Each city influence quest completed for Skyrim Thieves Guild will add a merchant stall at The Ragged Flagon. Also, the number of gold available to fences through Skyrim will increase gradually, up to maximum of 4000.

Imitation Amnesty - Skyrim Thieves Guild side jobs
After finishing 5 small jobs of Skyrim Thieves Guild side quest, Delvin will receives urgent mission from Olfrid Battle-Born, a rich Nord in Whiterun. Arn, his old friend, was incarcerated inside Whiterun’s prison, stated that he committed a serious crime in Solitude and will be executed. You’ll be given a mission by Olfrid Battle-Born to infiltrate Jarl’s palace to steal a letter and change the prisoner registry. Walk up the stairs to the right of Jarl’s throne and enter the door on your left to the Jarl’s quarters. You’ll find  the registry on a table in the room immediately on your right. Beware of three guards that usually wander around. Up the stair in the next room, go right to Jarl’s study area and take the letter from the desk. Exit the castle and return to Olfrid. He may be in Drunken Huntsman, waiting for you. He is pleased with your job and promises his support for Skyrim Thieves Guild.

Note: It’s a lot easier if you become Thane of Whiterun, as the guard will not be suspicious on you while you wander on the Jarl’s quarters.

Summerset Shadows - Skyrim Thieves Guild side jobs
There’s this rival, Summerset Shadows, that disturb the Skyrim Thieves Guild, and Delvin needs you to look into it. Travel to Windhelm and you’ll find that a brutal murder had just happened, a girl was found drowning in her own blood. Speak to Torsten Cruel-Sea and he will request to return Silver Locket that was stolen from his daughter Fjortli’s corpse. Talk to Niranye and persuade her, but don’t let her attack you or else you will miss her as a fence. After that go to the bandit camp at Uttering Hills Cave and kill their leader Linwe and retrieve Fjotli’s Silver Locket from the corpse. Return to Torsten Cruel-Sea to get the reward.

Note: There’s an optional quest to burn the thieves guild banner, just use fire spell on it.

Silver Lining - Skyrim Thieves Guild side jobs
After completeing 5 small jobs of Skyrim Thieves Guild side quest in Markath, Delvin will have a special jobs for you. He then will direct you to Endon, in Silver-Blood Inn, Markath. Your job is to infiltrate a bandit’s cave in Pinewatch, east of Falkreath, to collect a Silver Mold. Once there, go to the basement and find a note on the table that tells there is a hidden room behind the bookshelf. There’s a small red button right of the bookshelf, press it and the bookshelf will open. Follow the trails and kill all bandits along the way. You’ll find the Silver Mold on the last room, with some gold, potions, and ore.

The Dainty Sload - Skyrim Thieves Guild side jobs
This one is long, prepare. After completing 5 small jobs of Skyrim Thieves Guild side quest in Solitude, speak to Delvin in Ragged Flagon. He will gives you special job in Solitude. What r u waiting for, go to Solitude and speak with Erikur in Blue Palace. He will tell you that a man called Volf cheated him in a business transaction. Volf is a captain of a ship called Dainty Sload, and Erikur ask you to frame him for a crime. He wants you to plant illegal drug called Balmora Blue in the captain’s footlocker inside the ship, so Volf will get arrested which give satisfaction to Erikur. Infiltrate the Dainty Sload we go!

Before infiltrating, we must get the Balmora Blue. The illegal drugs can be obtained from Sabine Nytte, on the Red Wave docked in Solitude’s harbor. There are some ways to get the drugs, either steal the key from Nytte or simply buy it for 1500 Gold. If you buy it, easy, but here’s the guide for you who are not willing to waste any money. Pickpocket Nytte and take 2 keys out of him. Go to a safe in the bottom-most deck of Red Wave. Pick the lock or use the key you stole from Nytte to obtain a note stating that the Balmora Blue is hidden in a chest under the Wave. Now locate the chest underwater beneath the dock running parallel to the Red Wave. Open it either by lockpicking or using the key, and get the Balmora Blue.

Now its time to plant the Balmora Blue inside The Dainty Sload. It’s up to you to beat up all the corsairs on the ship or sneak pass them. Once you arrived at the Captain’s Footlocker, which is guarded by ship’s First Mate. The easiest way is to knock him out and take the key out, but it’s up to you to improvise a bit :P . Plant the drugs and get the hell out of there. Report back to Erikur and get some reward for Skyrim Thieves Guild.

Deliver Moon Sugar to Ri’saad - Skyrim Thieves Guild side jobs
Now you’ve done 3 special jobs to restore Skyrim Thieves Guild, Tonilia will ask you to deliver a package of Moon Sugar to a Khajiit named Ri’saad and ask him to deliver goods to Skyrim Thieves Guild. Meet up with Ri’saad by tracking him down and his caravan. Either you intercept him manually or figure out his next destination and beat him by fast traveling, is the same. Talk to him and complete the quest. Return to Tonilia and she will praise you and give a small sum of gold.

Phew, that’s all of Skyrim Thieves Guild side quests. Enjoy your skyrim times, enjoy your Skyrim Thieves Guild life, don’t forget to brush your teeth before sleep, heck don’t even forget to sleep. Thanks for reading~