We give you our Skyrim: Dawnguard Weapons Guide to help you obtain it and also get a look at an overview of what kind of weapon that you would get in Skyrim Dawnguard

Skyrim: Dawnguard Weapons Guide

Auriel’s Shield — In order to have this shield you need to go to the Forgotten Vale and find one of the hidden Jewel Paragons then insert it into the Paragon Portal. After using the Ruby Paragon and enter the portal, kill the Falmer Warmonger to get the unique heavy shield for your own use. This  shield has a unique enchantment. with it you can store energy from enemy attacks that you block with it and then releases it to the enemy with a power bash.

Auriel’s Bow – You can get this bow on the main questline in the Forgotten Vale. Not just that it has a fast draw time, but it also does extra damage to undead creatures. With this particular bow you can equip two different kinds of unique arrows the Sunhallowed and Bloodcursed arrows.

If you shoot at the sun the Sunhallowed Elven arrows can cause the sun to shoot sunbursts at nearby enemies. Bloodcursed Elven arrows can blot out the sun for a day if you aim it for that big ball of fire in the sky. Both of these arrows can only perform their special abilities when you fire the arrows with the  Auriel’s Bow. If you are running out of Sunhallowed arrows you can get more of it from Gelebor in the Forgotten Vale, and after the questline is over Serana can give you the Bloodcursed arrows.

Zephyr – you can found this Dwarven Bow during the “Lost to the Ages” quest in Arkngthamz. The bow is enchanted with a unique ability to fire 30% faster than the normal bow. Zephyr is a good choice for a middle tier bow, but it is not the best bow in Dawnguard.

Shellbug Helmet — To get this helmet you have to combine Shellbug Chitin and Iron. If you are wondering where you can obtain Shellbug Chitin in the game. Head to Forgotten Vale  and search for a group of Falmer and a Shellbug. To get the Shellbug Chitin you have to mine the shellbug, so remember to bring a pickaxe when you go. Taking a pickaxe to this creature will give you enough chitin to make one helmet.

Harkon’s Sword — You can loot this weapon from Harkon’s body after you kill him. It’s not going to be a great use if you are playing a Vampire Hunter, because the weapon’s enchantment only works for those of the Vampire persuasion.

Saint Jiub’s Locket – To obtain this Locket you must  find all 10 pages of Jiub’s Opus in the Soul Cairn. Even though it look like just a necklace, but it has an armor rating in it, it also fortifies your Stamina and carry weight by 50 points. It would be a great help for middle level characters.

Aetherial Items — By Completing the quest “Lost to the Ages” you will have the chance to make a one-of-a-kind item. You will have the ability to make the Aetherial Crown allowing you to use the powers of two Gurdian Stones: the Aetherial Shield that makes you ethereal for 15 seconds after blocking, or the Aetherial Staff that gives you the ability to summon a Dwarven Sphere or Dwarven Spider for a limited time. But it is also pretty valuable in gold if you dont want to use it.

Vampire Royal Armor — This light armor is actually a little better version of the Vampire Armor. It can be found in the ruins beneath Castle Volkihar as well as a set on Harkon.

Dawnguard Armor — This Armor is created in Light and Heavy variants, if you have a full set of either it will grant you 25% less damage from Drain Life spells and Vampire Attacks.

Crossbows – It is one of the major additions to Skyrim, Dawnguard members will be able to obtain upgrades for this automated weapon from quests, including various ammo types. You can obtain the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow, If Jump through enough quest hoops, It is a crossbow that ignores 50% of the enemy’s armor.

Skyrim: Dawnguard Weapons Guide


Dragonbone Weapons — Beside the crossbows, these Items are non-unique, but still, they’ are worth getting. They look