Six month after exploring every tiny bit of Skyrim, Bethesda has finally confirmed about the first DLC, Skyrim Dawnguard! Although the information is still lacking about Skyrim Dawnguard, as Bethesda itself from the official web only posted the poster, no description at all, the entire net has been made excited, wondering what will this expansion be.

Skyrim Dawnguard

Seeing from the posters, will give no clue at all. The poster only shown the dragonborn with its usual hardcore looks, looking at you (o_o). So why not discuss from it’s name? Dawnguard, guarding the dawn? We can get a lot of definition from Dawnguard itself. Well, we can assume dawn as time, so dawnguard means the dragonborn is guarding people until dawn comes. Or maybe dawn refering to one of the city located in the corner of the map, Dawnstar. Maybe Skyrim Dawnguard will have something to do about guarding the Dawnstar, who knows?

After a couple of times surfing on the net, i found a rather interesting thread, about the Dawnguard update. I found that at forums.bethsoft.com, actually is unofficial but rather promising, that a user named Rastloz, after checking the previous patch of Skyrim, has found a couple of new mysterious files which is quite interesting. From the name of the files, a new stuff arises. Snow elves, Snow Elf Prince, Crossbows, New Vampire feeding animation, and some stuff prefixed ‘RF’. So, more investigation material. Now we have those thing, plus ‘Skyrim Dawnguard’.

Well, i do love imagining something. What if, in the night time vampires attack Dawnstar, and we use Crossbows with silver arrow to banish them? Sounds cool. Or maybe a clash between Snow elves and Vampires and we’re supposed to choose between them? Yeah, more theory, and all we can do is wait until the actual release of this Skyrim Dawnguard DLC.

Somehow, reacting to the DLC, some people is quite ragged due to some bug on Skyrim that hasn’t been fixed by Bethesda team. Stated by them, Bethesda is supposed to fix the bug first rather than adding much more problems in the new expansion Skyrim Dawnguard. Even some of the player are now ignoring Bethesda, and are trusting mod to develop the game. Well, i won’t tell who’s fault is this, as Bethesda is trying to give more challenge through Skyrim Dawnguard. Or maybe the Skyrim Dawnguard also brings the ‘bug resolving update’, who knows?

And more problems are coming to Bethesda, about the discrimination of consoles. Skyrim Dawnguard, stated by Bethesda, will have it first release at Xbox 360, and a month later will be released at PS3, and PC. Well, this sure makes PS3 users gone mad. They feel that they’re not being respected in using PS3, because they’re asked to wait a month longer before they can play. Well, again i don’t want to put the mistake in one of the group, just let Bethesda do their work. Funny fact that a PC user said that “congratz about the expansion. Well, we have mods ” Yeah, PC rulez! lol

Well, more theory, more controversion, in the end i believe Skyrim Dawnguard will give the best to us. Just wait for this summer for Skyrim Dawnguard release at Xbox 360, and a month later for PS3. Enjoy your waiting time ^^

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