The Skeleton King is the first boss of Diablo 3 . He look like a large skeleton and his weapon is a huge mace and this guy has a lot of hp. This Skeleton King boss guide will help you bring him down in no time at all. Let’s get started.

Maybe now you have been playing Diablo III for a few hours and you’ve probably met some mean monsters.

Initially the monsters and bosses within Diablo III are relatively easy, but as times goes by and the further you move through the game, you are going to need more to rely on tactics, skills and a a lot of luck to win through to the next level.

This Skeleton King boss guide for Diablo III is intended to give you some hints, tips and also tricks on how to defeat the Skeleton King  – It is not like you will defeat the Skeleton King on your first run, but these strategy that i shared here would be very useful.

Skeleton King Boss Tactics

Skeleton King is a very large skeleton handling a mace with a  plenty of hit points – he is not that tough, but you should notice that there are some techniques that will really help you as you defeat this first boss battle:

It is best that you are with a small group when fighting the Skeleton King but it is actually possible (and somewhat easy) to defeat him down solo
Becareful with the swings, he swings his Mace in a large arc – if you can avoid an and try to  stay behind him and then attack out of the range of the mace it would be easier to use this strategy if you are  the Demon Hunter class.
He can summon Skeletons to help him– if your hit points  (HP) are low  you should avoid the Skeleton King and only kill the summoned Skeletons – the skeletons will drop red orbs and that allow you to heal quickly.
Skeleton King can cast a spell that gives him immunity to spells like stun and bind – he goes slightly see through at this point– so when that happens, stop casting any type of spell because he is protected.
He can also teleport – this can be very  dangerous if you are in a team as because he will try and isolate individual party members who strayed from the main battle.

General fight strategy:

Becareful when he start swinging his mace and then move out of his reach – because he is slow, so i guess you can do this easily.
If he attacks you, you should use Blind and Stun – it will stop when he is blind or stunned this allows you to inflict some damage to him without fear of being hurt.
Be really patient – because he is slow it would make him predictable – but towards the end of the fight he will start attacking more agressively – but dont worry, you still be able to avoid it with the same dodge and counter attack tactic works.
Witch Doctor, Wizard or Monk  class can use the range attacks where possible and this would let them avoid his mace better.
Barbarian or Demon Hunter use combat, dodging back when it needed to avoid being hit.

All character classes should have no problem with the Skeleton King – he is easily taking damage and you can also easily dodge and avoid his mace. and when he summon the Skeletons that would be a problem unless you ignore them and then get cornered, dont let this happen.