Saints Row 4 will be launched on 20th August 2013 in the US, but you may wait for some days when you live outside US. As the Saints Row 4 Release Date for outside US is at 23rd August 2013. As this is such a free world, you may play this game for many hours but you still find that this game is very interesting.

Saints Row 4 is From a Well Known Game Developer

This game is from Sandbox developer which has been known that this developer always successful in making many great games. This may mixed with the gank theme with the comedic scene which makes this more interesting to play Saints Row 4. The Saints Row 4 trailer itself has been launched, the video promotion for this game is very catchy and you may don’t feel in patience to wait for the launching date.

Saints Row 4 Before You Start

Before you start to play this game, there are many important notes. As when you play this game with personal computer, there are many requirements before start Saints Row 4. From the processor itself must be greater than the Intel Celeron, when you use Intel Celeron you can still play this game but it is harder to play as the movement itself may have a lag. The movement is not like the real people, and the movement will have a delay for 2 or 3 seconds.

Saints Row 4 Requirements

And the requirement for the graphic card, is you will have to get a graphic card size bigger than 2 GB, it is the minimum requirement of the graphic card. And the hard drive size, you may have at least 1 GB of free memory to install this game, as this game may require a lot of space in your hard drive because of the complexity of the code of Saints Row 4. And make sure you have a great sound card, so that you can have the maximum quality while you play this game.

Saints row 4 maybe a great game which have many fans, they may waiting for the exact release game. And when Saints Row 4 news is announced, you have to wait for some times before it is officially launched. This game will not disappoint you, as this game has been planned for  a long time to make sure you enjoy playing this game.

But you can’t find a game that is having no minus point, this game still have a few of minus points. As the conflict of the gank is less likely than the real conflict of the gank, because of the people which is participated is only at a small number. And the head of the gank itself is not helping a lot in the gank party, they rather just standing and looking at the gank party. The head of the gank is only giving command, on starting and finishing the gank party. And about the skill that you can be upgraded to the maximum capabilities is just like a cheat that is not fair at all. It doesn’t make balance at the game, as you may be the strongest person in the Saints Row 4.