Runescape Runespan is one of the newest update released on 30 April 2012. Runescape Runespan is actually a realm filled with magical creature and nodes. Upon traveling the realm you are able to collect rune and essence from creatures that are roaming in the area, and from the nodes. The rune you collected will then get converted by the Wizards Guild (they’re telling that Runespan is in their territory -_-) and you will get points which is used to increase Runecrafting equipment. Here i want to give you a quick quide about Runescape Runespan.

Runescape Runespan


33 Runecrafting for level 2
66 Runecrafting for level 3
95 Runecrafting (recommended)

How to start runescape runespan?

First walk to the wizards guild, and head to the second floor. There will be a portal and you may step into it. Choose between higher or lower levels. After choosing one, you will be teleported into the center of Runescape Runespan, where Wizard Finix is currently there. He will give you a short tutorial about Runescape Runespan.

Runescape Runespan consist of 3 floors. For free players, they can only access 1st floor and half of 2nd floor, but if you’re members, you can access all the floor. To travel from the first floor to the second, is by climbing the vine ladder in the west area. And to access the last floor is by climbing the bone ladder in the southwestern of the second floor.

How to play Runescape Runespan?

Runescape Runespan is actually a mini game but is actually an interesting mini games. From it you can get tons of exp or points required to upgrade your runecraft. The objective of Runescape Runespan is to siphon energy from creatures and nodes that are spread out through the realm. And the way to obtain it is various.

Floating Essence:
It’s the most basic way to get essence. Just click on the floating essence and it will give you rune essence. Note that it has a maximum 25 rune essence, so after that you will be unable to collect rune essence from floating essence.
Runic Creatures
These are some creature that you can found at Runescape Runespan. You can get rune essence from them by siphoning it. Chipping the creature is also possible but not recommended. Also, you can get exp from it.
Runic Energy Nodes
Nodes is scattered around the real of Runescape Runespan. From it you can siphon some essence to obtain some exp and of course rune essence.

Changing island of Runescape Runespan

To move from diffrent island on Runespan, you will needed a certain amount of rune, and will at least cost one rune. Somehow, you can sometimes figure that you can’t access one land because you’re lacking of runes and runecrafting levels, so for safe you may enter if you already have high runecrafting levels.

Teleporting back

If you’re tired of gathering rune, you can simply teleport back to Wizard’s guild by any means of teleportation or by asking the Wizard in every runecraft altar.

Upon exiting the Runescape Runespan, the runes you’ve collected will be taken by Wizard’s guild (meh..) but in change, you will be given reward. You will be given points which can be spent in Finix’s shop.

Well, that’s a quick guide for Runescape Runespan, hope it has some use for you. Thanks for reading

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