The RuneScape Combat Beta  is an item  added to players’ inventories on June 1, 2012. when clicked on it, the player will be directed to a site where he/she can sign up for the beta. Once the player has signed up, players will be sent an  invitation via email on June 26.

Full access to the beta will be available to players that already become a member for at least 1 consecutive year. Members will be able to gain access on select weekends when the beta is officially launches.

50,000 of the most active users will also receive RuneScape Combat Beta invites.

Accepting the invitation will takes the player to a new window or tab, in here they can enter their RuneScape username and password for verification. Once this is finished, a popup message reads:

“ CongratulationsCongratulations! As a highly valued member of our community you are automatically eligible to take part in the Evolution of Combat BETA.On the 26th of June you’ll be able to login to the BETA servers to take part!Return to the Combat HQ for more information and updates and we’ll see you on the 26th! ”

Note: If you logged in with a full inventory, just remove an item from your inventory and re-login and the contract should be there  in your inventory.

This item cannot be re-obtained if destroyed; however, players can still have a chance to sign up on the RuneScape website if the contract is lost.

Free-to-play players may receive this item although it is unusable. When free players deposit the contract into the bank, instead of free player space they will deposit in member bank space .

You’ve probably been waiting for it, and it’s finally going into beta – they’re calling it the Evolution of Combat,  ,RuneScape Combat Beta is the total overhaul of Runescape’s combat system. They’ve added dual wielding, action and tiered abilities, adrenaline bars, buffs and debuffs, crits, new animations, and a slew of other content.

RuneScape Combat Beta Make Combat more interesting

“The Evolution of Combat in  RuneScape Combat Beta is the biggest change they ever made in RuneScape’s long history,” Mark Ogilvie, the lead designer for Runescape said. “We really wanted to make our conflict game play more about the actual art of combat, so we’ve added amazing abilities which will give the player a wealth of choices to use in PVP and PVE combat, and the way those abilities relate to each other will bring a completely new sense of tactical depth to the game. We’ve made huge improvements to the look and sound of combat, meaning that the entire game has become more gritty, visceral, and adrenaline pumping experience.

“The entire update has been built to play to RuneScape’s strengths and has been designed to refocus combat to be more about player skill, encourage variety in combat equipment, and to make combat more enjoyable and challenging. This will revolutionize the way the game is played, making the experience ultimately more rewarding, while not diverting from the essential heart of the game which has made RuneScape so hugely popular for millions around the world.”

There have been 50,000 RuneScape Combat Beta  initial beta testers, and you can get in on the eventual open beta weekends. But what’s cool is if you have had a membership for over the last year, you are automatically qualified. The open beta starts the 7th of July. You have a few weeks to sign back up!

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