Adventure game is very interesting to play, especially Runescape 3 the new adventure game. I like playing the adventure game very much. When I play the adventure game, I feel like playing inside the story line of the game itself. This game is also do the same for me, I feel like do the adventure with the main character in this game. Completed with the great graphic appearance, this game will become more realistic to be played.

Requirement for Runescape 3

Usually, the great game needs the high requirement of the system, but it is different with this game. This Runescape 3 only needs the low end requirement for the system. This game can be played only using the Pentium 4 1.8 GHz processor. It means that to play this game, we don’t need to spend much money in order to build the extreme system for our Personal Computer (PC). This Runescape 3 2013 is the good game but has the low requirement for the system.

If we want to get the better performance, we can upgrade our PC into the higher performance such as Celeron E1200 Dual-Core 1.6 GHz. By using this system, the Runescape 3 can run well. Besides the PC, this game also can be played in the other consoles such as Play Station, XBOX, or Nintendo Wii. Completed with the update from this game, we can get the newest release from this game. So we will get the newest game play and storyline in this game by updating into the newest update.

Release Date of Runescape 3

This game is a sequel game. The Runescape 3 is the last sequel of this kind of the game. This game will be released in the early of 2013. But the previous game has already released before. To enjoy this game we have to wait until this game is released. Runescape 3 release date is still not certain, but the developer of this game surely releases this game in early 2013. For the gamer enthusiast, just wait until this game is released, then enjoy the adventure trough the main character of this game.

Version of Runescape 3

This amazing game has the beta version. The Runescape 3 beta is for the people who want to try it in the free version. This version is also still being developed. It means that this beta version is still not perfect. There are still so much mistakes or bugs in the game. If you are wondering to know the game play of Runescape 3, you can try this game in this beta version. We sure that you will not get disappointed playing this game although in the beta version.

Adventure game is the most interesting game ever. We can get the new experience and also get the new skill by playing this genre of the game. We can be the actor or the main character in this game. This is the great game that you have to play. Let’s we play Runescape 3.