Rubick is new hero of 6.72 version. Unlike what most of players think so far, he is neither too strong, nor too weak. His powerfull spells are countered by his low health points and complexity. He is a great ganker, and Rubick has more spells than invoker, and in team battles, Rubick has great AoE presence, from protecting teammates of spells, to damaging and stunning enemies, so his items will naturally be focused there.

Rubick Skill Build:This is the best build for Rubick, and it goes: 1. Telekenesis
2. Fade Bolt
3. Fade Bolt
4. Telekenesis
5. Fade Bolt
6. Spell Steal
7. Fade Bolt
8. Telekenesis
9. Telekenesis
10. Null Field
11. Spell Steal
12. Null Field
13. Null Field
14. Null Field
15. Stats
16. Spell Steal
17-25. Stats Telekenesis is taken first to prevent FB atempts. Rubick is not good for taking FB, so dont try it, you will end up at half health or dead. Then we max Bolt, for damage purpose, it is spammable and is more usefull than little prolonged stun. And then after that, Telekenesis, and Null field in end. Spell Steal is taken whenever possible, for obvious reasons. Stats are maxed last.There are few variations, like taking stats instead of null field if enemy has physical DPS team, and no spellcasters. Also, you can consider taking Null field instead of Telekenesis at level 4 if you are laning with enemy like Zeus. But i do not recomend it, since you are ganker, not laner.


Rubick can go solo Mid, or dual lane. Rubick doesnt have good escape mechanism (if enemy is smart, you can disable one at most, others will just get out of way of stun), so don’t go into short lanes (lanes with secret shop near them). Early Game: OR

You start your Early game with combination of mantles, branches and tango/salves/clarities. Either get Mantle, 3 branches, wand, tango; or 2 Mantles, 2 branches tango and 2 clarities. If there isnt ward bitch in your team, buy wards, although i highly disrecomend it, as you need some fast items before you start ganking.Do not atempt to make First Blood! Rubick has a stun, but just isnt hero for that. If enemy tries to, punish them. Do not spam Bolt till level 3. Just relax till you get level 6, then take over slow/stun and kill enemy.

Mid Game: / When Rubick reach level 6, you should have Arcane boots, wand and maybe Bottle ready. Get bottle ONLY if no other ganker in your team has it, since i dislike idea of racing your team for rune. “Why ganking with Rubick ? He has medicore stun, and nice damage, but he doesnt look like ganker to me…”Rubick really benifits from ganking. He can get a nice selection at enemy spells, take one he benifits most from, then keep on ganking. Ganks consist of following:1. Telekenesis weakest enemy / gank target, and throw it towards your mates.
2. Spell steal spell you need the most before he dies.
3. Use Bolt, and Dagon if you have it.
4. Leave kills to reliable carry. If none, take it for yourself.Gank continuosly. After each gank, destroy enemy tower. In proces you will farm some gold for items.During mid game, try to get Dagon before minute 20. If you cant, forget it, it loses effectivness later on. Do not bother to upgrade it, it is just useless later. Start getting some other supporting items – Shiva, Guinsoo, Veil of Discord, Eul, Pipe, etc. Do not take much time farming, just farm tower and few creeps after gank, then go ganking some more. Goal is to get money trough heroes, allowing your carry to farm while enemy respawns.

Late Game: Rubick is not entierly useless in the late game. Rubick is one of few inteligence heroes that is still effective in late game. At this part, stick close to team, farm as many creeps as you can if no carry is near, and do not fight alone! Get high-tier items as soon as possible, to best support team.Few things make Rubick effective in this part of game:
– Rubick can farms well, with good items, he is still usefull
– Rubick has nice AoE spell protection
– most importantly – Rubick