Trion Worlds adds the latest update for the MMORPG Rift, which is patch 1.9. Well, as usual there will be many new features that can be attempted by players in Rift update this time. Patch  1.9 introduced the Conquest PvP (player versus player) is updated. In addition, features such as Instant Adventure and Mentoring system can also be earned by players.

Conquest PvP players will be split into 3 factions (Nightfall, Dominion, Oathsworn), to fight each other and fight over territory on alternate-reality version of the Stillmoor zone. PvP Conquest offers plenty of rewards on players who managed to become a winner. PvE players can also fight the boss to be summoned to the area when his faction won the fight.

Not just another ‘clashing swords in battle, Patch 1.9 also brings content more’ fun ‘. For example, players can use the features of mentoring to help each other in doing the low level players leveling. With Mentoring system feature, players can ‘lose’ their levels temporarily, so that players can try out the latest low-level content. Players can also customize their character’s appearance with features Barbershop, to perform a global chat.

Although the time to get great enthusiasm from gamers South Korea, South Korea server was not able to talk much. In fact, rank games published by CJ Games in South Korea is steadily declining. The first time you launch, the game was ranked 11th on the ranking of the most popular games in Netcafe in South Korea. But in June 2012 ago, Rift ranking plummeted to 48. This ratings have been “forced” CJ Games to launch “Ascend Comeback Project”, an event that will give the players who have left the Rift game time for free play in the limited time. In North America alone, Ascend Project Comeback is only implemented after six months since the game’s launch in February 2011. Meanwhile, South Korea’s own Rift server has been running for about three months since its launch in April 2012 ago.

To attract the players to return to play Rift in South Korea, CJ Games tried means of promotion such as free play for two weeks. Promo is valid for all players who login from May 15 to July 5, 2012. To help the players ‘veterans’ who left for a while, they will be given a player guide to making them aware of any new content as long as they ‘go’.

Rift South Korea is also rumored to be merging servers (server merge) the first on July 17, 2012. Well, in South Korea occupies position 46, after falling from the 11th position. Well, in the country is not much different from the English version and still the game pay to play alias paid. But unfortunately, this MMORPG is not quite won the hearts of  South Korea gamers.

However, MMORPG Rift is rumored to be released in other Asian countries (other than South Korea, of course), including in China and Taiwan in the fourth quarter of 2012. Party Trion Worlds is also working with Asiasoft to Southeast Asia. So are you playing this epic MMORPG in your hood?