Who doesnt recognize the name Ragnarok before? One of the most popular MMORPG in the world is indeed phenomenal. Bringing the characters are cute and the diverse effects of the super-cool skill, million gamers have been playing Ragnarok and drugged to keep staring at their computer screens and seemed to forget the outside world. Born from the same franchise, this time Ragnarok born again through Ragnarok Odyssey which has been released for the Playstation Vita. But unlike its predecessor which is a series of RPG games, Odyssey comes with a very different genre.

Ragnarok Odyssey is a monster-hunting game, the concept is similar to the franchise like Monster Hunter. Of course, the main selling point is the ability to play this game online with your friends who also have the PS Vita. Comes in a charming visualization, Ragnarok Odyssey gave you more mature character design and the combat seem more brutal than before. But the impression of a typical series of Ragnarok as colorful details will be retained in it.

Ragnarok Odyssey later will include the expansion pack that was released in Japan as “Expansion1: Online multiplay update”, “Expansion2: Sograt Desert Update” and “Expansion3: Epic Weapons Update”. This version later is supported with a multiplayer feature that allows players to play with and can share with one another weapon. In addition, this game will be loading lots of quests. For gamers who have been or are playing Ragnarok Odyssey in the Japanese version, can also transfer the saved data (save) to Ragnarok Odyssey English and Mandarin version. Gamers is enough to backup files from the Japanese version then you save in the version 1.30 or later to be transferred to the English or Mandarin version.

Ragnarok Odyssey already makes debut in America in October in the two kinds of flavors: standard and premium. Standard bundle can be obtained for $ 39.99 by including only the first game, while the premium edition will be called the ‘Mercenary Edition’ and includes a number of bonuses that can be obtained for $ 49.99. With the extra $ 10, gamers will get the soundtrack CD, ‘Mercenary Guide’ contains artwork and how to fight in Rune Midgard, following a set of ‘Monster Cards’ featuring 10 random cards from over 50 kinds contained in the game.

In this game there will be a feature called “Card System”. The function of the card is to build the character of the player and also an important part of the strategy of the fight. Players can wear some of the cards to the player’s character to get a special abilities. There are more than 400 kinds of skill in the Ragnarok Odyssey. The cards will drop from the defeated monsters.

Beside the Card System feature, the “Job Change System” will also be presented in the game. Just like other MMORPG game, early job as warrior Sword, Assassin, Hammer smith, Mage, Cleric and Hunter will also exist in this game (the name of the job is slightly different to Ragnarok Online). After a long time playing and completing some missions, the players can change the job. When changing jobs, the player character will still retain its parameters, so it is advisable to change the job in accordance with the quest to be faced next.

How? do you intend to buy a PS Vita to play this awesome games online? Or someone of you wanna buy me some? It will be great