World of Warcraft Game Director Tom Chilton, tells a lot about PvP content that can be found in the player expansion Mist of Pandaria. Chilton said that the expansion this time will focus on on the PvP content. There will be more PvP content that players can be found in the previous updates. There will be two new Battlegrounds are incorporated into the game, as well as a new Arena. So there will be 10 Battlegrounds and 6 Arena in World of Warcraft if this expansion is released.

Answering concerns players who are PvE server about whether they will be ‘forced’ to do PvP, Chilton said that no such as the forced the players a more ‘peaceful’ it. They can still enjoy PvE content, as well as PvP content if they want to.

Then the ‘if the player is less’ to implement PvP, Chilton said that the solution is in the Cross-Realm Zones feature. With this, the PvP can be done more often (of course Cross-Realm Zones feature is only applicable to realms that one type, such as PvP with PvP.)

Okay, if you’re do the dungeons for justice or valor points, PvPing for honor or conquest point, or gaining the reputation with one of Pandaria’s many factions, the question will be where do I go to buy stuff? If you are, then we have a list of PVP vendors for you.

First Quartermaster PVP vendors is the Shado-Pan Quartermaster is Rushi the Fox, at the Shado-Pan Garrison in the Townlong Steppes. He sells a variety of items for justice and valor points.

Commander Lo Ping the Justice Quartermaster is selling every faction’s justice point gear, at Niuzao Temple also in the Townlong Steppes. Commander Oxheart is the Valor Quartermaster who sells tier gear for tier tokens at Niuzao Temple in the Townlong Steppes.

The Klaxxi Quartermaster is Ambersmith Zikk in Klaxxi’vess, right in the heart of the Dread Wastes. The Golden Lotus Quartermaster is Jaluu the Generous he can be found at the front of Mogu’shan Palace in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The August Celestials have two vendors, one for Horde and one for Alliance. Sage Lotusbloom can be found in the Shrine of Two Moons selling for the Horde, while Sage Whiteheart is also can be found in the Shrine of Seven Stars.

For PvP vendors, both Horde and Alliance can be found on the Serpent’s Spine itself. For Alliance, Honor Quartermaster Hayden Christopher, Conquest Quartermastery Lucan Malory, and Glorious Conquest Quartermaster Ethan Natice are all can be found on the Serpent’s Spine in the Valley of the Four Winds. The Horde Quartermasters Lok’Nor Bloodfist (Honor), Doris Chiltonius (Conquest) and Acon Deathwielder (Glorious Conquest) are on the wall between Townlong Steppes and Kun-Lai Summit.

Also remember that during the patch 5.0.5 hotfixes, several reputations has their requirements for various Valor point purchases dropped. The Klaxxi now sell necklaces at honored, the August Celestials sell bracers, the Shado-Pan sell cloaks and the Golden Lotus sell rings, all of which are iLevel 489 epics. So check those vendors in case you may have missed an epic you can pick up.

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