The game Quantum Conundrum starred by a quiet 12-year-old boy as the game’s main character. The game story is about when the boy visits the mansion laboratory owned by his eccentric scientist uncle that is also an inventor named Professor Fitz Quadwrangle. Shortly after his arrival to the laboratory, an explosion occurs as a result of a failed experiment, and the explosion caused the professor to disappear. The boy then discovers a special glove that has the power to change dimensions, which then he decides to use to find out what happened to his uncle.

Quantum Conundrum Gameplay

Quantum Conundrum is viewed from the first-person perspective and the include  puzzle elements in the gameplay. The objective of the game is to explore Professor Quadwrangle’s manor, there you will be solving puzzles and challenges in order to move on from room to room.

Quantum Conundrum primary mechanism is the Interdimensional Shift Device (or you can call it ISD) – the player can switch into one of four different dimensions at the press of a button. In order to do this, they must first find a  special batteries and then place them into colored receptacles, which then will creates a dimensional rift. When switching dimensions, the geometry of the normal environment is retained , but the changes that are made to the aesthetics, and the physics and objects properties are altered significantly.

One of the dimensional options is the “fluffy dimension”. When swapped to this dimension, the environment changes into a bright white, softened look. And this causes objects to become 10 times lighter, and this allows the player to interact with them in some ways that is different and would not be possible in the default dimension. Beside this dimension there is also another cool dimension and that is the slow time dimension, the dimensions slow down time to a twentieth of its original speed, and it make objects become 10 times heavier in weight, and reverse the direction of gravity.

The Quantum Conundrum Interdimensional Shift Device (or IDS) will let you freely phase into four dimensions, each dimension changing the physical properties of your environment in different ways. For example, when you need to drop something heavy on a switch. In the fluffy dimension, everything sheds its weight and can be lifted with ease.

Well, that is only a very basic example, but as you would expect, the puzzles become much more complex and more difficult as you progress into the game, with the IDS that gives you power to reverse gravity and bend time. Eventually you will enter the fluffy dimension, pick up a heavy object, throw it, and switch to the slow time dimension so you can hop on, then alternate gravity reversing  while you jump on a heavy object’s wave of inertia over some deathtrap. Quantum Conundrum will surely stump you for a few times, but dont worry, it would never frustrated you.

Your uncle communicates with you from the Netherworld during  the game, and also dropping hint after hint about his whereabouts. Unfortunately, the big reveal with regard to his fate ends up being pretty insignificant. But that wont stop you from enjoying Quantum Conundrum and maybe share some of the puzzles with your friends to solve it together.

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